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Volunteer web designer
Volunteer web designer Talent
We are looking for a volunteer that supports us creating our own website. We can offer much love and thankfulness and of course some s*heART products. :-) If interested please contact us under:
Water Genious
Water Genious Talent
We are highly interested in water treatment technology innovations. main goals: simple, accesible and awesome. As an example, we are currently very intrigued by MOF's desalination technology, no-battery devices, and alternative energy implementations.
Local or international part-suppliers!
Local or international part-suppliers! Object
Some of our machine parts can be challenging to find in local markets. A big part of this challenge relies on disinformation about the local part distributors. It would be beneficial for us to hear about all the Colombian distributors of: - Seawater high-pressure pumps - Microfiltration, reverse osmosis and active charcoal filters - Photovoltaic energy equipment - Piping We are interested in international suppliers alternatives too!