Here you will find talents, locations and objects for and from crowdfunding projects.



Volunteers - interns
Volunteers - interns Talent
Pre-internship positions 3-6 months First internship HF - FH 6 months Trial internships FMS Social 7-15 days You will receive a job reference and feedback on your skills and your work with us. You can expect exciting work in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We plan - think - develop - reflect - optimize and then celebrate our achievements. Perseverance - thinking along - you should be able to implement existing concepts - if not - we will discuss it and the practical introduction will go the way with you.
To collect donations
To collect donations Talent
Make projects known. You surely know some people who might a few of them alone with a CH (1) to help us? get in touch thank you 🙏 Thanks in advance.