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Liebefeld -> Abbey Road
Accommodation in London (Autumn 24)
Accommodation in London (Autumn 24) Location
A costly aspect of the mastering session will also be accommodation during the time in London. I would be immensely grateful if I could stay with someone privately for a few days. In return, I offer the entire record collection from the label PREFERMUSIC as well as all of my releases, including five copies of the latest double LP. Additionally, tickets for friends and family to a concert on the tour. And finally: Of course, I would be more than happy to offer our guest room for any potential visit to picturesque Bern! For coordinating the exact dates:


Liebefeld -> Abbey Road
In search of a Mellotron
In search of a Mellotron Object
We all know it from the first bars of "Strawberry Fields Forever" by the Beatles: The Mellotron. This antique and highly intricate instrument was the analog precursor to a sampler. In two pieces of my album, the Mellotron sound plays a prominent role. So far, it has been simulated with a synthetic instrument. However, for the definitive production, I would like to make a new recording with a real, rare instrument. Therefore, I am searching for a Mellotron within reachable distance from Bern, which I could use for half a day with my mobile recording setup. In return, I offer 5 copies of the double vinyl record, 2 concert tickets, and of course, a mention in the album credits!


Helpers wanted for the event!
Helpers wanted for the event! Talent
You want to help with the party? Let us know. We need people for the checkroom, the reception and as supporters on site! You will receive a P4AC helper shirt as a thank you and your admission is on us! Write us an e-mail to:
From urine to abundance
Chemist specialized in organic waste treatment
Chemist specialized in organic waste treatment Talent
Our team includes a biochemist expert in environmental science, and we are also considering collaborating with one or more European chemists volunteers to support us with the specific challenges encountered. We are open and grateful for any additional assistance.