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Forming acoustic band
Instruments Object
Guitar, electric guitar, bass, djembe, bongs
Help us save people
Professional radios are in need
Professional radios are in need Object
Motorola DP4800 is full power licenced, digital two way radio from Motorola Mototrbo range. Motorola DP4800 is a great professional radio with lots of helpful features. It is possible to add GPS, Bluetooth, Man Down applications to strengthen your operations safety and communication. These radios are in high demand for rescue and volunteer teams


Fundraising Talent
Without a "western" organization linking us between donor organizations we are facing many challenges as grass root organization and apart from additional funding we are always happy to receive more fundraising tips and advice how to improve our attempts.
Networking Talent
We are looking for linkage with some (or many ;) potential new donors, organizations that can link us up with partner organizations.
 Website, Social Media, Hosting
Website, Social Media, Hosting Talent
We would appreciate support from someone who can help us build and host a website and different social media channels.