Here you will find talents, locations and objects for and from crowdfunding projects.


Premises for book presentation
Premises for book presentation Location
For my first book tour, I am looking for suitable premises in Germany and Switzerland where I can present my book and offer readings, as well as helpful people who are interested in providing them. :-)


20 Poetry Videos for 2020
Production of our crowdfunding Video
Production of our crowdfunding Video Talent
A warm thanks goes to Elmar Klappe from Crowdfuning Film. We was ready to join our poetic journey and produced our Crowdfunding Video. Show him your love with a like of the facebook page: Elmar, Du bist ein wundervoller Mensch! Danke.
Webdesigner Talent
We are looking for a creative talent, a webdesigner to build up a new homepage for transpoesis and 20 Poetry Videos for 2020.
Costumes from Taiwan傳統服飾
縫紉 Talent
Graphic and web design
Graphic and web design Talent
In order to show my gifts to the world, I am looking for a sensitive graphic artist or an intuitive design alchemist who knows how to make my work as a freelance author look authentic and full of love. Would you like to support me in designing my website?
Photo shoot
Photo shoot Talent
For the cover design of my book I am looking for a sensitive camera lover with appropriate equipment, who knows how to transform the childlike delight of a newly hatched "love chick" on the swing into an expressive picture. Are you interested in a creative and humorous photo shoot?
Website Talent
Who can help us to develop a simple and nice website?


Violleta Resque
Food Other
due to the financial condition of Violetta's Rescue it is not possible to pay for clinics, buy food, medical treatment so we really need donations from outside parties so that we can continue our concrete actions.