Project Initiators are the people who present a project on crowdify.net and try to raise money for it

Boosters is the term used for the people who sponsor a project by making a financial contribution. Goodies are the gifts which Boosters receive in return for their financial contribution to a project

Ron Orp is a partner and provides access to more than 200,000 Ron Orp’s Mail readers

What is crowdify.net?

On the platform crowdify.net Initiators (musicians, artists, designers... you!) present their projects and leave them there for 100 days to be funded by Boosters.

In return the Boosters (friends, acquaintances, companies, benefactors...) receive exclusive goodies from the Initiator, such as a signed CD, a personally dedicated book, a mention in film credits etc. – Boosters witness the realisation of the project and can even play an active role in the process.

What makes crowdify.net stand out from conventional crowdfunding platforms?

- The simple donation process! A Booster (donor) can make a contribution at any timewithout going through a tiresome login process

- Convenient payment methods. The Booster (donor) can make a donation by TWINT, credit card, Paypal or via Postfinance.

- Security. crowdify.net works with two companies: RaiseNow and FairGive. RaiseNow handles electronic payments on behalf of crowdify.net, whereas FairGive is entrusted with managing project donations during an ongoing project, thereby allowing for contributions to be quickly and securely processed and the protection of data to be guaranteed.

- Ron Orp is onboard. This highly successful newsletter is a partner of crowdify.net. The chance to expose individual projects to an audience of over 200,000 readers

- Full support for Project Initiators. Access to tips, tricks and tools for successful project promotion, developed exclusively for crowdify.net by experts in the field of advertising and social media

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Just write to us at .

What is crowdfunding?

The idea behind crowdfunding is to use lots of small donations to fund an idea, rather than just using one lump sum. Crowdfunding on Wikipedia

What does crowdify.net cost?

The platform is free of charge for everyone. If Boosters (donors) sponsor a project, the only thing they pay is their donation. Project Initiators don’t pay anything. After the project has been successfully funded (and only then!), a handling fee amounting to 9% excl. VAT (incl. fees charged by financial service providers , resp. 11% for a funding in stages) of the total amount received will be deducted and the remaining amount will be transferred to the Project Initiators.

What happens if the project doesn’t reach its funding target?

crowdify.net operates on the principle of “all or nothing”. If a project doesn’t reach its target amount within 100 days, all contributions will be returned to the Boosters (minus fees charged by the financial service providers), and for the Project Initiators this means “easy come, easy go”.

Who is Ron Orp?

Ron Orp is the leading lifestyle newsletter and it appears every work day in 13 different cities. Ron Orp connects people with their city. In Switzerland, Ron Orp is available in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Luzern, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Lausanne und Geneva. Internationally, it’s available in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and London. Find out more at ronorp.net and on Wikipedia

Who is behind crowdify.net?

crowdify.net is a limited company which is 100% owned by Ron Orp AG, based in Zurich.

For whom is crowdify.net intended?

You want to produce a film, publish a book, create a fashion collection, record an album, produce an artwork, organise an event, or launch a product on the market? No matter what your project is, crowdify.net is the platform for you to present your project, launch smart promotional campaigns and attract fans who will provide financial contributions, large and small, to help turn your project into reality. Everyone can get involved!

What do I have to do?

Three things: Firstly, create an attractive profile for your project on crowdify.net. Use videos, pictures and text, as well as creative and enticing goodies. You have to capture people’s imagination if you want them to support your project

Then: Promote your project! Give it everything you’ve got for 100 days, with plenty of creativity, passion and drive. And raise the money you need. P.S.: Don’t be shy!

Last but not least: use the money you have raised to realise your project

How do I go about promoting a project on crowdify.net?

Once you have registered, you will receive an email providing you with access to the project creation page. Here, you can create your project in 12 steps. You can take as much time as you need to create your project.

The way you present your project is particularly important. Make sure you have some good pictures and, if possible, a video which tells people a little bit about your project and will persuade them to sponsor you.

Once you have created your project and devised some imaginative goodies, the project will be checked by crowdify.net. If crowdify.net is satisfied, the project will be approved and you can then decide when you want your project to begin.

Can I still change my project details after the project has been published?

The project description & the goodies can no longer be changed but you may add additional goodies. News and Needs (other things you require besides money), however, can be adapted and updated during the 100-day project promotion period if required.

How long does it take for crowdify.net to approve a project?

We’re fast: Around 3 working days

Are there any projects which don’t get published?

Projects which are pornographic, racist, defamatory, or which glorify violence will not be tolerated on crowdify.net. Furthermore, projects must not be misused for money laundering, loan requests, or gambling. crowdify.net has the right to reject projects without offering an explanation.

Will crowdify.net provide me with support?

crowdify.net checks the project content and looks at whether the project has been well presented. Once your project has been approved, you will receive access to all tips, tricks and tools available on crowdify.net, as well as to your own newsletter tool and dashboard for your project.

What categories are available?

You can choose from the following categories:

  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Education & Knowledge
  • Book
  • Comics & Illustration
  • Food & Drink
  • Film & Video
  • Photography
  • Society
  • Graphics & Design
  • Crafts & Trades
  • Culture
  • Art
  • Media
  • Furniture & Home
  • Fashion
  • Music & Sound
  • Outdoor
  • Politics
  • Software & Games
  • Other
  • Social Projects
  • Sport
  • Start-Up & New Business
  • Dance & Theatre
  • Technology & Science
  • Environment
  • Events

If you can’t find a suitable category, write to us: support@crowdify.net

Can I promote my project on other platforms simultaneously?

No. This causes confusion for the people who are involved in the project and want to sponsor you. Publish your project on crowdify.net and put all your energy into getting as many people as possible to visit your project page. The following principle applies: One project, one link!

What happens if the project doesn’t reach its funding target?

crowdify.net operates on the principle of “all or nothing”. If a project doesn’t achieve its target amount within the project duration, all contributions will be returned to the Boosters (minus third party fees) and for you this means “easy come, easy go”.

Can my project be extended / shortened?

If your project hits its funding target before the end of the 100-day period, you can continue to promote your project and generate surplus funding. Explain what you are going to do with the surplus money on your project website. In exceptional cases, a project may be shortened or extended (a maximum of 20 extra days).

How much does it cost to promote my project on crowdify.net?

Nothing. Once your project has been successfully funded (and only then!), crowdify.net will deduct a handling fee amounting to 9% excl. VAT (incl. fees charged by financial service providers , resp. 11% for a funding in stages) of the total amount you have collected and then transfer the remaining sum to you.

As a Project Initiator, can I delete my account?

Projects which have not been activated can be deleted. All projects which have already entered the funding phase (100-day duration) can no longer be deleted. Projects which do not reach their funding target will eventually be removed from the website.

What do I have to do to get people to sponsor my project?

You have to actively promote your project every day. That’s why it’s important that you prepare thoroughly and set aside plenty of time for your promotional activities. crowdify.net will provide you with plenty of tips and features to publicise your project.

How important is Facebook when it comes to promoting my project?

Facebook and other social media sites are important platforms for telling people in your social circle about your project. But there are numerous other ways to raise awareness for your project. Check out the tips, tricks & tools at crowdify.net.

Why would people want to sponsor a project when they’re not going to get their money back?

It’s all about karma, being part of something and a love of projects. People are curious, they want to be inspired and do something good. That’s why they choose to sponsor exciting projects.

I have a large-scale project which requires a lot of money. Is that also possible?

Yes, of course! You can set the project amount as high as you wish. The thing to remember is: you have fixed amout of days to advertise and beat the promotional drum for your project. The higher the amount, the more difficult it can be to raise the money.

Also bear in mind: crowdify.net operates on the principle of “all or nothing”. This means that if you haven’t raised 100% of the funding you require, the money is transferred back to the sponsors.

If you raise more than the required sum, you can keep the surplus funding. That’s why we recommend setting a lower funding target and providing a description of what you intend to do with any surplus money.

Can crowdify.net also be used to procure investments or venture capital?

No. crowdify.net is intended solely as a project funding platform. In return for funding, Boosters will receive exclusive goodies, but will not receive interest payments or a financial stake in the project.

What do I get in return?

At crowdify.net you get everything: one-on-one support, expert tips, tools, tricks and statistics for the duration of your project, as well as the full promotional force of Ron Orp.

What happens if I achieve my funding target but people keep donating funds?

If that’s the case, congratulations. crowdify.net pays out the entire sum of the funds donated. Write what you intend to do with the surplus funding under News and Needs.

When will I receive the money?

As soon as the 100-day period is up, the final donations have been paid and then transferred to us by the payment institution, you will receive the money. Unfortunately it can sometimes take up to 60 days before we receive all of the money from the credit card companies.

What happens if I fail to reach my funding target after 100 days?

Don’t be sad. All the money donated will be returned to the Boosters (donors). Your project will still be visible for a period of 10 days on crowdify.net.

I don’t only need money, but also people, infrastructure and equipment in order to realise my project. Can I also find these things on crowdify.net?

Yes. Each project also has a category that we call “Needs”. You can use this category at any time to search for the expertise, talent, infrastructure, equipment, people etc. you need for your project.

I don’t need any money for my project but I still want to promote my project on crowdify.net. Is this possible?

Yes and no. You can set a project with a low funding target (example: 100 francs) and create goodies worth 15, 16, or more francs (which are also small sums). Next to the goodies you can describe what else you need in addition to money. Example: Anyone who donates 15 francs should also be available on two days to help carry equipment.

How much time do I have to promote my project?

You decide how long you want your crowdfunding project to run for. From 1 to max. 120 days everything is possible. A duration of 100 days is actually a bit of an overlong perion of time for a crowdfunding. Remeber, you have to actively promote your project every single day while its active. Should you want to choose a duration that isn’t within the preset duration choices, just shoot us an e-mail at support@crowdify.net and we’re happy to help you.

How can I sponsor a project?

- By making a financial contribution to the project

- By sharing the project within your community. Tell others about it.

- With your knowledge, talent and network... in the category “Needs”, Project Initiators describe what else they need besides money

What happens to the money which is donated?

crowdify.net is a partner of FairGive. FairGive controls and manages donation transactions between all payment providers and crowdify.net. It guarantees the protection of your personal information and the secure handling of your money. If the project reaches its funding target, crowdify.net/FairGive will transfer the total sum collected to the Project Initiator after deducting a handling fee amounting to 9% excl. VAT (incl. fees charged by financial service providers , resp. 11% for a funding in stages) for crowdify.net.

If the project fails to reach its funding target, the money you have donated will be transferred back to you (minus third-party fees).

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes. You can make anonymous donations. If you choose to do so, the Project Initiator will not be able to see who has made the donation. Anonymous donors, however, cannot receive any goodies. Your contact details (surname, first name and email address) will only be used by crowdify.net and FairGive.

Can I claim my money back?

No. Once the amount has been paid, the money can no longer be claimed back.

How and when do I receive my goodies?

Once a project has reached its funding target, the Project Initiator has a period of 18 months in which to implement the project. The Project Initiator should send out the goodies after the project has been implemented, at the very latest. Don’t forget: If you have made an anonymous financial contribution you cannot claim any goodies.

How can I be sure that the project I have supported will actually be launched?

crowdify.net checks all submitted projects as thoroughly as possible. This enables us to ensure that the people behind the project are real and can be contacted at any time. Because a lot of the donations come from the Project Initiator’s social circle, and because the Project Initiator has invested a lot of time and effort, there is a high level of certainty that the project will be launched.

What happens to my donation if the project fails to reach its funding target?

If the project fails to reach its funding target within the project duration, the amount you have donated will be transferred back to you (minus third-party fees).  

Does crowdify.net know who the Project Initiators are?

Yes. crowdify.net checks each Project Initiator using the data that Project Initiators are required to enter during the 12-step project creation process.

Which methods of payment can I use to support a project?

Payments can be made by TWINT, credit card (VISA, MasterCard), PostFinance/E-Finance and Paypal.