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Frequently asked questions

Initiators (musicians, artists, designers... you!) present their projects on the Crowdify crowdfunding platform, where they can be financed by a number of individual people, or Boosters, over a predefined period.

In return, the Initiator sends the Boosters, who may be friends, acquaintances, companies, or benefactors, exclusive goodies, such as a signed CD, a book with a dedication, or a mention in film credits. Boosters can watch the project become a reality, and can even play an active role.

- The simple donation process! Boosters (donors) are free to make a donation whenever they like, without tedious login processes.

- Its convenient payment methods. Boosters (donors) can pay using TWINT, credit cards, PayPal or PostFinance.

-Its Security. RaiseNow processes electronic payments on behalf of Crowdify. This means that data remains secure and that contributions are quickly and securely processed and stored.

- Ron Orp is onboardCrowdify has partnered with the most successful newsletter. This means that individual projects can be seen by more than 200,000 readers.

- Its comprehensive support for Project Initiators.  Crowdify provides exclusive tips, tricks and tools for successful project promotion developed by social media and advertising experts.

Do you dream of producing a film, publishing a book, creating a fashion collection, recording an album, producing artwork, celebrating an event, or launching a product on the market? Whatever your project, crowdify.net is the platform for you! You can show off your project, advertise intelligently and win over fans who can make small or larger financial contributions to help make your project a reality. Crowdify is for everyone!

Three things:
make your project look appealing on Crowdify. You can do this with videos, images and text, and great goodies. You need to get people excited about supporting your project.

Then, really promote your project! All throughout its duration – use all your creativity, passion and energy. This is when you will raise money. And really, don’t be shy!

Finally, use the money raised to make your project a reality.

The platform is free of charge for everyoneWhen Boosters (donors) sponsor a project, they only pay what they donate. Project Initiators don’t pay a thing. Once the project is successfully funded (and only then!), crowdify.net deducts an administration fee of 9% incl. VAT (including financial service provider fees, or 11% for funding in stages) of the total amount collected; the remaining amount is transferred to the Project Initiators.

For social projects we do not charge the platform fee. Upon successful completion of your project, only the external costs of the payment method (approx. 3%) will be charged.

Yes, of course! You can set your project goal as high as you like. The important thing to remember is that you have a specific number of days (chosen by you) to promote the project, sing its praises and make noise about it. The higher the amount is, the harder it can be to reach the target. 

Also bear in mind that crowdify.net uses an “all or nothing” approach. If you don’t reach 100% of your funding goal, the money will be transferred back to your supporters. 

On the other hand, you can also raise more money than your original goal. Therefore, we recommend setting a lower funding goal and explaining what you’d like to do with any excess funding you’re able to raise.

Yes! Are you convincing a lot of donors and have a target amount of more than CHF 200,000? Well, then we’re convinced too, and we’ll lower our flat platform fee for projects as follows:

For a successful target amount of...

... up to CHF 200,000: 9% platform fee / 11% for funding in stages
... up to CHF 300,000: 8% platform fee / 10% for funding in stages
... up to CHF 400,000: 7% platform fee / 9% for funding in stages
... up to CHF 500,000: 6% platform fee / 8% for funding in stages
... from CHF 500,000: 6% platform fee / 8% for funding in stages

So, you can aim high and reduce costs.

You want to create a project with a social background?

Crowdify supports social engagement without any fees. Only third-party costs from payment providers (approx. 3%) are charged. And because sometimes every extra franc helps, we give you the possibility to start a fundraising campaign without a target amount.

We love social commitments! We’d be happy to support you and offer preferential conditions: upon successful completion of your social project, we’ll only charge the payment providers’ third-party costs (about 3%). This maximises the funding that flows directly into your social project.

 We know that sometimes every extra penny really helps. That’s why, for social projects, Crowdify gives you the option of not setting a target amount. Remember: while this takes off the pressure of a specific funding goal, it also eliminates boosters’ sense of urgency to donate right away.

Welcome back! We’re delighted to see you back at Crowdify, and we’d love you to start your next project with us. To say thanks, we’ll reduce the flat platform fees by 1% if you start another project within 16 months of your last crowdfunding.

Crowdify gives you everything you need: personal support, expert tips, tricks and tools, statistics during the project period, and the full promotional power of Ron Orp.

Don’t be sad. All of the money pitched in by your Boosters (contributors) will be paid back to them, and you won’t have to pay any platform fees. Your project will remain visible on Crowdify for another 10 days.

You decide how long your crowdfunding project should last. It can be anywhere from 1 to 50 days. These days, periods of 15, 30 or (for large funding targets) 50 days are standard. Remember that you’ll need to actively promote your project every day throughout the entire period. If you want to choose a project period that isn’t available for selection when you’re setting up the project, just write to us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Who is behind Crowdify?

Crowdify (formerly 100-days.net) is the crowdfunding platform from Ron Orp, the most urban media in Switzerland. How we came to be:

2004: First Ron Orp newsletter

Two entrepreneurs, Romano Strebel and Christian Klinner, have a vision: they want to network the people of Zurich and inspire their city life. The first Ron Orp newsletter is sent to about 100 people.

2007: Ron Orp expands

With over 30,000 subscribers, Ron Orp has become an indispensable part of Zurich city life. A website with a marketplace and forum is created to allow Ron Orp readers to share information with each other. Ron Orp expands into five more cities.

2012: Crowdfunding for everyone

A networked community of city dwellers has grown up around Ron Orp in the meantime. A community with many great ideas and projects in and around the city. But there is often a lack of money to implement the ideas. Ron Orp launches 100-days.net, one of the first crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland.

2018: 100-Days becomes Crowdify

After 6 years of crowdfunding and over 2,000 crowdfunding projects it's time for a new start! New name, new design, new features. Always backed by the power of Ron Orp (now in 9 Swiss cities with over 300,000 users).

The old adage applies to crowdfunding: no one is born a master. That's why we offer free crowdfunding workshops on a monthly basis. Giving you the edge!

And now it’s your turn!

How to contact us:

+41 43 322 08 85
Tuesday through Thursday:  +41 43 322 08 85

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