Project Conditions

The following project conditions (“Project Conditions”) apply to all users of the online platform (hereinafter “”) who are registered as project initiators (“Project Initiator”). By registering as a Project Initiator and using the corresponding services of Crowdify GmbH (hereinafter “CROWDIFY.NET”), you accept the following unchanged Project Conditions in full.

1. Scope

1.1 These Project Conditions relate to the use of the services made available by CROWDIFY.NET to Project Initiators on By using the corresponding services, users consent to the Project Conditions. When using individual services on, Project Initiators may be asked to reiterate their consent to the Project Conditions by clicking on a corresponding input field.

1.2 These Project Conditions apply for the entire duration of the Project Initiator’s use of CROWDIFY.NET services. The Project Conditions are subject to the Terms of Use agreed between the Project Initiator and CROWDIFY.NET.

1.3 The project boosting contract and the corresponding awarding of goodies is concluded exclusively between the booster and the Project Initiators, and on the basis of the provisions of the Terms of Use and the project description provided by the Project Initiators. The project description must comply with these Project Conditions. If Project Initiators are obliged to charge statutory VAT owing to their business activities, upon request, they undertake to issue Boosters with a VAT-compliant invoice for the provision of their contractual services.

2. Project Submission

2.1 Project Initiators must be registered in order to use To register as a Project Initiator and start a project (“Project Submission”), users must use the corresponding input fields on, in accordance with the Terms of Use and these Project Conditions.

2.2 You must provide all information truthfully and to the fullest extent possible. You shall provide CROWDIFY.NET with further relevant information upon first request. This relevant information includes, for example, copies of identification documents, proof of address (e.g. recent telephone bill), an original current excerpt from the debt collection register, information about VAT obligations and tax exemption, references, or proof of your expertise with regard to the planned project. CROWDIFY.NET also has the right to request that you provide a handwritten and legally signed Project Submission.

2.3 By submitting your project, you authorise CROWDIFY.NET to check the details and documents, and to obtain references about you and the project. If you fail to fulfil your obligations to cooperate in the Project Submission and its review by CROWDIFY.NET, CROWDIFY.NET may refuse your Project Submission and block your Project Initiator access.

2.4 Projects must fulfil certain quality requirements. 
You acknowledge that CROWDIFY.NET determines, at its own discretion, whether your project will be approved, returned for corrections, or definitively rejected.

2.5 The information about you and the project description given in the Project Submission are essential bases for the contract between you and the Booster. 
This means that the initial project description given in the Project Submission cannot be subject to significant changes once project promotion has begun. 
Significant changes are defined as changes to the Project’s fundamental objective or concept, which Boosters may, in good faith, consider to be a necessary basis of the contract with you. 
However, you may, and are welcome to, add further text, images, audio and video material (“Content”) to your Project Submission without however changing the Project’s objective and concept and, thus, the essential bases for the contract between you and the Booster.

2.6 You understand that Boosters may dispute the contract with you if they are essentially mistaken as to the motives for entering into the contract, or if you intentionally deceive Boosters. In such cases, CROWDIFY.NET will disclose your contact details to the booster in order to directly pursue the claims.

3. Promotion

3.1 Once the project has been approved on CROWDIFY.NET, you are free to choose when project promotion will begin (“Project Submission”). However, CROWDIFY.NET reserves the right to withdraw projects if you have not begun project promotion within 60 days of project approval. From the start of the promotion, you have the project duration you selected (“Promotion Period”) in order to advertise your project and raise the predetermined amount of funds (“Project Budget”).

3.2 During the Promotion Period, shall be the only crowdfunding platform you use to promote your project or any similar projects. If funding is successful, this exclusivity also extends to the period following successful financing, during which you report on the project’s progress and status on

3.3 You are a Project Initiator. Your promotion’s success essentially depends on your commitment. Win over friends who will become ambassadors for your project, and get family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and fans excited. Promote your project on and network on external platforms, particularly groups on social networks, video hosting platforms, blogs, etc. Encourage users to boost you with great innovative and creative goodies. CROWDIFY.NET supports you with the services described on and tried-and-tested tips and tricks. However, CROWDIFY.NET is not responsible for the successful financing of your project.

4. Permissible use

4.1 You may only use the online platform in a lawful manner. You undertake to respect the rights of third parties and other users. You shall not threaten, deceive or defame other users of, or make racist or otherwise discriminatory statements about other users. Crowdify reserves the right to delete projects if Project Initiators act or communicate in an unfriendly or inappropriate manner.

4.2 You shall advertise your project using only fair means, in accordance with the principles of equity and good faith in competition and only with permissible content. In particular, content that violates the rights of third parties, in particular intellectual property rights (e.g. copyrights or trademark rights), personal rights, or which constitute a criminal offence (in particular by depicting pornography or violence, promoting racism, or being defamatory or fraudulent) is prohibited. You shall not make any untrue or misleading statements about yourself or your project, and you shall refrain from making dismissive remarks about other Project Initiators and their projects.

4.3 You confirm that you shall respect the integrity and technical functioning of the online platform and that you shall refrain from any actions that could affect the functioning of, such as virus attacks, spamming and denial-of-service attacks.

5. Violation of Project Conditions

5.1 CROWDIFY.NET may, at its sole discretion, temporarily or permanently block your Project Initiator access if you violate these Project Conditions.

5.2 users or third parties who believe that Project Initiators have violated their rights should notify us thereof at CROWDIFY.NET shall decide, at its own discretion, to issue a warning to Project Initiators, to block their access, to disclose their contact details to other users or third parties in order to directly pursue the claims and/or to report them to the relevant authorities.

6. Final provisions

6.1 Should one or more provisions of these Project Conditions be found to be void or invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The void or invalid provision will be replaced by one that comes as close as possible to the economic intentions of the void or invalid provision.

6.2 CROWDIFY.NET reserves the right to change these Project Conditions at any time. Changes will be made available on and will take effect 30 days after they come into force.

6.3 These Project Conditions and any disputes arising from or in connection with the contractual relationship between CROWDIFY.NET and the user will be solely governed by substantive Swiss law. The ordinary courts at the headquarters of CROWDIFY.NET represent the exclusive place of jurisdiction. Alternatively, CROWDIFY.NET may bring action against Project Initiators at their places of domicile.


Zurich, October 2021, Version 2.0

Zurich, January 2012, Version 1.0