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Muon Ecofunctional Wear

Performance clothes 100% without plastic

Muon Port-Valais, CH
Antonia Bekiaris
Antonia Bekiaris

Project Overview

We love activity, sport and nature. Muon Ecofunctional Wear is the label for sustainable performance wear, naturally efficient and 100% without plastic. Thanks to New Age Fibers of botanical origin instead of polyester, lycra & Co. In short, no petrol-based synthetic fibers that harm the environment and our health. For revolutionary textiles in sports and active life - environmentally friendly, comfortable and extremely high performance.

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Get ready for Muon

We are in full swing, we love it - the launch of our Performance Wear Collection is imminent! Although COVID unfortunately also put a small damper on our schedule - textile production is difficult to make by home office ;).

A little bit delayed, but all the better, it's going ahead in no time. We are looking forward to presenting you our functional clothes before the end of the year, if everything works out as planned. We will keep you updated and thank you for your understanding for our producers.

Don't forget: While stocks last, you can still get our Limited Edition T-Shirts at
Get ready for Muon

Muon Basic Collection – the production is launched!

The production of our Perormance Wear is up and running. Our specially produced fabric is ready - and what a fabric it is: an ultra-light, functional composition made of the revolutionary TENCEL fibers of the Austrian textile pioneers Lenzing. The preproduction samples for our Basic Collection have already been completed, now it's time for fine-tuning. Despite the situation-related challenges, especially with regard to transport and business trips, we are confident about our original timing. We don't want to promise too much... but if everything works out as planned, the first Muon Performance Wear Collection should be ready before the end of autumn. We are looking forward and keep you up to date. In the meantime, while stocks last, you can still get our Limited Edition Active T-Shirts via
Muon Basic Collection – the production is launched!


We made it - our crowdfunding is successfully financed!

We thank all our supporters and are looking forward to handing over your favourite Muon pieces soon. We also thank all anonymous boosters who supported us without goodie.

Here's to you - it is you who make Muon possible!

What are the next steps?
Until the end of July our Limited Edition T-Shirts will be ready as planned. You will get them as crowdfunding boosters and they will also be exclusively available on our website. We hope you have all indicated your favourite design and size. If not, we will ask you by mail as soon as we receive the contact list from Crowdify.

At the same time we already entered the production for our Performance Wear Collection. The fabrics have been selected, the prototypes confirmed and the preproduction is running. If everything goes according to plan, the collection will be produced until autumn and will be available online and in selected stores afterwards.

We will keep you informed about the developments, our production and partners – feel free to check our website from time to time.

We wish you a great start into the week,

with best regards

your Team Muon

Muon Crowdfunding - Final week with special surprise

Dear friends, dear boosters

One more week to go - then our crowdfunding is will be done.

Thank you very much already for your support!

You make it possible, thanks to you more than two thirds are already financed. And we are confident that we will manage the last one too :)

Nevertheless we still need a little bit of support. So we are all the more happy if you share the project with your friends, families and colleagues and motivate them to boost.

For the last days we have a special thank you:
The Limited Edition Suprise T-Shirt as goodie for our supporters of the final phase

Invite your loved ones to discover Muon - we would be very happy if we could inspire them as well.

We wish you a fantastic start into the new week,

your team from Muon

* * *

To the crowdunding:
Or via our website:
Muon Crowdfunding - Final week with special surprise

Here's to our boosters

Thank you for your support - you make our goal possible! Crowdfunding is still going on for a little more than two weeks - many boosters are already on board and we are looking forward to more. Now is the moment when we get the communication up to full power and activate everyone. We are happy to have you on board and share the project with your friends, family and colleagues. The one or other surprise is still waiting - stay tuned, also on our website

Happy there, your team

from Muon Ecofunctional Wear

Better together >> this is how you get to your shirt-duo

We are happy to answer your questions and give you some more information on how to order our "Better together" Special.

Actually like all the others, except that the motives are not selected directly. It works like this: 1. select the goodie "Better together", 2. fill in the fields for contact and payment, 3. upon confirmation, you write in the message which motifs and which sizes you want. That's it!

Well, it could be easier - but the most beautiful things in life rarely are. :) Many thanks to the valuable inputs of our boosters!
Better together >> this is how you get to your shirt-duo

New Goodie: The Plain Black Shirt

For all those who like it simple: The Active T-Shirt in deep black is now available as additional goodie for our crowdfunding boosters. Without frontprint, in the same style and material as our Limited Edition. The T-Shirt in 100% Tencel Lyocell is available for women from XS to XL and for men even in XXL and CXXL. For the perfect size, you can find the measurements in the Size Guide.
New Goodie: The Plain Black Shirt

Limited Editition Shirts - find the perfect size

Wow - the first week has started great! We thank you and hope you have all chosen your goodies. If not - or if you have inadvertently switched to double anonymity - you can always let us know.

For all of you who want to be 100% sure that the size of your Limited Edition t-shirt fits you - here are our size charts. Just take your measurements and compare them with the guide.

We would be happy if you share the project link with your friends, relatives and colleagues - and don't forget, until this Sunday we still have our Easter Special :))

Happy there!
Limited Editition Shirts - find the perfect size
Limited Editition Shirts - the size guide

Happy Easter with a great start

A fantastic takeoff for our crowdfunding - after two days we have already collected 11% of the target amount! Many thanks to our boosters of the first hour, you make it possible.

We are looking forward and send you best wishes for Easter.

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