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V-Day Basel

"The Vagina Monologues" 2018

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Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann

CHF 7855.61

We‘ve donated CHF 7855.61 to Aliena! Thank you all so much for your support; during the crowdfunding, for coming to the shows, for buying books, donating by buying vulva soaps and posters and so on! ?THANK YOU
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann


Dear all
We made it! All three of our shows are SOLD OUT!
A huge thank you to every single one of you for helping to make this amazing project possible! We're thankful and beyond excited to finally share it with you in less than two weeks.
We look forward to seeing you!
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann

Grande Finale!

Dear all
Our opening show is almost sold out! We're soo excited!

Monday, 12.02.18 is our grand finale! Markthalle will open its doors especially for the play this evening, only the main entrance, Viaduktstrasse 10, will be open. The food stands will be closed, but we do have our own bar up and running in our cozy livingroom-like space. So come by for a drink and chat prior to the show or hang out with us afterwards.

You can buy tickets here:

We are so looking forward to this and to meeting all of you!
Have a wonderful evening
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann

SUNDAY 11/02/18

Dear Boosters
Only a few weeks to go until The Vagina Monologues!
On Sunday, 11/02/18 is our matinee at Markthalle Basel. You can find the link to buy tickets on our website:

Doors: 13:00, Start: 14:00.
Why not make a day of it? Have brunch at the Zmorgeland ( ) before the performance, and stay afterwards to explore the many food stands the Markthalle has to offer, or sit down with us for some coffee, cake and a chat.
We look forward to seeing you!
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann

SATURDAY 10/02/18

Dear Boosters
In less than a month it's Vagina Monologues time!
On saturday, 10/02/18 is our opening night at Markthalle Basel. You can buy tickets here:

Doors: 19:00h, Start: 20.00h.
Come earlier and make an evening of it; grab some dinner at one of the many food stands in Markthalle Basel prior to show. Or stay afterwards for some drinks in our cosy venue and have a chat with us. We look forward to welcoming you to our event!
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann

Ticket sale has stared!

Dear all
Good news: This week the ticket sale for our three performances has stared!
Here's the link:
10.02.18, 11.02.18 and 12.02.18 at Markthalle Basel, come by and say hi!
Have a wonderful prechristmassy sunday evening
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann


Dear all
The 30 days of our crowdfunding campaign have come to an end. We’ve raised 5111 CHF, woohoo!

We’d like to thank everyone who supported us; either financially or by spreading the word. Thank you so so much, you are truly amazing! <3

In the following days we’ll get in touch with everyone who got a goodie.

We hope to see you in february in Basel to one of our performances. In the meantime: check out our facebook and instagram accounts for updates, information and insights to „The Vagina Monologues“.

Thank you and warm regards,
The V-Day Basel Production Team
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann


Yeeeah! Thank you all soo soo much! We've already reached our goal! YOU ARE AMAZING! No words can describe how we feel now. We don't really know what to say except of: Thankyouthankyou! <3
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann

96.2% RAISED!

96.2% raised, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
We have 2 days left and we've almost reached our goal! 189 CHF are still needed. Help us spread the word for the last time :-) We can do it!
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann

DAY 20 - 3000.- RAISED!

Two thirds into the campaign, we have now raised CHF 3000 with your support!


As we are no entering the final third of our campaign, please continue your efforts to share our project with your family, friends, and on social media. We have 10 days left - let's make the most of it!

And as always, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, where we will be introducing the rest of our amazing cast this week!
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann


First of all, we’d like to thank all our boosters for their support and the kind and warm words; you are truly amazing!
We reached the half-time mark of our campaign! Whoop! And, we‘re near but not yet there to reach half of the amount of the needed money, so we still need some support; spread the word! Thank you all so much!
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann

DAY 10 - 1/3 RAISED!


Thanks to your generous donations, a third of the money has been raised in just 10 days! We can't thank you enough for every single contribution, and we're beyond excited to share this amazing project with you, and to hopefully see you at Markthalle in February at one of our performances.

To help us keep this momentum going, spread the word and share our project with your friends and on social media. Don't forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram for more updates and to meet our amazing cast!
Anissa Yasmin Gabelmann


Thank you so much to everyone who boosted our project!
We hope to see you at Markthalle in February to one of our performances. In the meantime: help us spread the word, check out our Facebook and instagram accounts to meet the cast that we started to introduce today!

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