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Tragwerk at the FamExpo

Carrying aid to hire a great family fair

Jasmin Heierli
Jasmin Heierli Elgg, CH
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Tragwerk at the FamExpo
Tragwerk at the FamExpo
Tragwerk at the FamExpo
Tragwerk at the FamExpo
We are a society of more than 20 babywearing consultants and babywearing is our passion! We want to spread the love and for that we
applied for a stall at the biggest
family fair in Switzerland (FamExpo), where we can reach babywearing newbies. In our opinion babywearing is of great beneficial value for every baby and parent –so help us to spread the word!
We will lend babycarriers to all parents for free, so that they can enjoy a beautiful
experience right there! Who can resist the beautiful feeling of a sleeping baby while strolling through the fair?
We have made good experiences at smaller fairs so far with an incredibly good
resonance, as people enjoyed testing a variety of carriers and slings for free.
Babywearing is underrepresented at the FamExpo and we want to change that! Help us to reach all those parents that just do not know, what they are missing!
As a non-profit-organization, we seek your support to help us raising the funds! The money gathered via Crowdify will be used to cover stall-rent and the installation.
Your money is worth it, every happy carried baby is! Thank you for your support and LOVE!
Tragwerk at the FamExpo
Jasmin Heierli
Jasmin Heierli
Elgg, CH
Babywearing Consultant Verein Tragwerk

I am a babywearing consultant and member of "Verein Tragwerk". I am the president of the organizational committee for the realization of the participation at the FAMexpo (largest family fair in Switzerland) in Winterthur.

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