The Anthronauts Album

The Anthronauts record their first studio album!

The Anthronauts
The Anthronauts Zürich, CH
Wolfgang Wohlwend
Wolfgang Wohlwend

Project Overview

We are The Anthronauts, from Zurich. In four years we have grown into a ten-piece Afrobeat band that has toured all over Switzerland. Now we are working hard to release our first studio album. Why? First of all because of our love for music: We have written new songs that we want to put into a worthy format. And: An album opens new doors for us. Will you help us to make it a reality?

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The Anthronauts

Stage 2 completed - we are in the studio!

📣 The second stage has been completed!
🙌 The first package of recordings and production is secured!
⚖️ 15 hours of legal work by Freiplatzaktion Zürich are financed!
❤️ Thank you very much for your support!
👏 You are great!

We were busy recording the rhythm section at Rad Fyah. It's gonna be good, people!

Thanks a lot for sharing our posts and telling your network about our crowdfunding!
Joël "Schögg" Bollier bringing the blues into the mix!
The Anthronauts

We're warming up for the studio!

The first stage has been completed - we have financed the first four days of the studio! Thanks a lot to all of you! After many very intensive rehearsals, we are now definitely getting ready for the studio.

One of the first songs we will record is called "Game Changer" - We can all be Game Changers if we start working together instead of against each other. We are looking forward to the recording sessions at Rad Fyah Studios!

Thanks for your great support so far, we are totally excited and motivated by your support!

Besides your financial contribution, it helps us especially if you tell your friends about us. We are happy about every shared mail! Thanks a lot!

Your Anthronauts
The Anthronauts

First stage done - and almost 30% of our budget. You're great, thank you!

You guys are great! What an amazing start!

Thanks to your help, we not only completed the first stage on the second day, but also got almost 30% of the budget together! Thanks a lot for your generous support!

In addition to the financial support, it also helps us enormously if you share our project in your networks. We are happy about every shared mail or if you tell others about us.

We will keep you up to date!

your Anthronauts


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