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"Teater Kubur" in Basel

Guest Play of theater group kubur from Jakarta

Xenia Jehli
Xenia Jehli Basel, CH
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Kubur is an Indonesian theater group which has been active in Jakarta for over thirty years now. The plays are currently written by Yustiansyah Lesmana, student and director of the group, and are telling about the life in the 28 million metropolis.

Haifa, Ratu, Diah, Saring and Hendra are the current line-up of the group and worked throughout the last year on cultural diversity through improvisations and intense rehearsals - the result is a 60 minutes' play which has its premiere in Jakarta by the end of may.

To avoid language barriers, the whole play is non-dialogue - everything is done by music, dance and body language.
Most of our expenses have already been covered, what is still pending are funds for accomodation, food and transports. Therefore we need your support! Get yourself one of our goodies - there should be something for everyone, and we are thankful for each of you!
Tian, Haifa, Diah, Hendra, Ratu and Saring are playing on both festival days on the Barfüsserplatz in Basel:

Friday, 6th of June '14: 17:10 - 18:10
Saturday, 7th of June '14: 14:50 - 15: 50

If possible, there will be another show on the 10th of June.

Be part of it and get to know the people beyond the project!
Exactly, kubur means grave in Indonesian. But no worries - the name comes from the fact that the group was founded on a former graveyard, where they are doing their rehearsals. So no need for concern - their play is as lively as any other!
Xenia Jehli
Xenia Jehli
Basel, CH
coordinator imagine international

My name is Xenia and beside university I'm working for imagine, the project against racism and for cultural diversity in Basel. I take the responsibility for the collaboration with our project partners in Colombia, Kenya and South Africa as well as the thematic implementations.

I got to know "Teater Kubur" personally in 2011 during a longer stay in Indonesia, therefore I am thrilled about having gained them for our festival in June!

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