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Swiss Galoppers Boost #2

Longlasting Hoof Boot - Swiss Made - for a meaningful Vision


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10.132 CHF
of 60.500 CHF
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Mirko Weixelbaumer

Summer Break - 1. interim goal

After the summer break where obviously many booster and supporter have been away and relaxing, we would like to accelerate within the next 60 days to achieve our target.

We are pleased about the fact, that first reseller use the crowdfuding opportunity to place their pre-order for the new sizes.
What does surprise us is- that nobody would like to enjoy a "delicious brunch" with us so far!

Good to know:
For bigger crowdfunding targets like ours (CHF 60'5000.-) there are interim goals in place. If we achieve such a goal the funded money will be transfered and the deal is completed.

Our interim goals are:
1. 10’000 / 2. 20’000 / 3. 29’000 / 4. 40’000 / 5. 52’000

Soon we will achieve the first level - Thanks to you too!
Many thanks for your support.

Mirko and the Swiss Galoppers

Picture: Swiss Galoppers Hoof boots in action
Summer Break - 1. interim goal
Mirko Weixelbaumer

Any journey starts ...

... with the first step -like any other project or our crowdfunding.
10 Boosters participated yet in our crowdfunding and did this important first step with us.
I would like to say thank you - your courage nurtures our motivation.

Did you know, that 97% of all crowdfundings, which achieve 30 booster within the first 14 days are successfull.
Let's keep on - so that another 20 boosters join within the next 7 days.

Thank you for sharing too,
yours Mirko & SG Family

News: the gaiter short is now available a our webshop - see the picture!
Any journey starts ...

Popular goodies

CHF 380

2 Pairs SG Hoof Boots – available sizes SG4 – SG7

CHF 200

1 Pair SG Hoof Boots – available sizes SG4 – SG7

CHF 50

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