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SQIN Ø: Nasties-Free Skin

Help us produce our three new 100% natural skincare products

SQIN Ø Zürich, CH

Project Overview

Having sold thousands of 100% natural deodorants since we launched in May 2021, we developed 3 products that will continue revolutionizing the industry. With your help, we will produce the first batch of our premium facial skincare products: our Moisturizing Sorbet to prepare, protect and nourish your skin; our Purifying Balm to cleanse, balance and renew the delicate face skin; our Elixir Oil to repair, cherish and rejuvenate the skin barrier.

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Packed and shipped!

Thanks again for the massive support and love we received from you for our Crowdfunding campaign 🤗 In the past weeks we've been busy ordering all the ingredients and packaging for the brand new SQIN Ø skincare line.

In the past weeks we produced all of the ❗250❗ products you ordered. Now it's time to pack and ship them 📦 So watch out, they'll soon be in your mailbox 📬

We're so excited for your feedback on our three new products:
🍑 Moisturizing Sorbet - Our sorbet melts into the skin to deeply nourish all complexions and protect your skin form external aggressors.

💆 Purifying Balm - Our cleansing balm, removes all traces of cosmetics, sunscreen, dust, dead skin, and other impurities.

🌜Elixir Oil - Our nighttime oil rebuilds the lipid barrier, bringing youthfulness to your skin. Ideal for all skin types, including highly sensitive ones that are prone to breakouts.


The 30 days of Crowdfunding passed by so quickly and your support has been absolutely overwhelming 🤗 You're the best crowd!

Thanks to your help, we've raised CHF 14'692.00 in our Crowdfunding campaign 👏 Our boosters will be amongst the first ones to receive our new products, even before they're available on the market.

We're now busy producing your orders of our new 💆 facial skincare line and you will receive them in the coming weeks 📦 We'll keep you posted 💚

What makes our new facial skincare line so special? The products are:
💯% natural
💝 premium
🏃 effective
🌱 vegan
🐇 cruelty-free
👐 handmade in Zurich

Glowing Skin from Within

Today our friends from have a great surprise for you that will make your skin glow from the inside out 🤩

Today ONLY, you can get our Natural Life goodie with our 3 new luxurious skincare products PLUS two hearts of gold - the delicious 😋 BIO Golden Milk Mix worth CHF 44.- on top for 👉 FREE 👈!

This package would normally cost you up to CHF 271, but today you get 3️⃣0️⃣% off and pay only CHF 190. Hurry 🏃 and treat yourself and your skin to one of our 7 packages! (Link in bio)

The Golden Milk "Heart of Gold" by is prepared with organic turmeric and organic barley grass, which gives it a 💛 yellow or golden hue. Thanks to the many vitamins and minerals, it makes your skin glow from the inside 😊
Glowing Skin from Within

Happy Birthday SQIN Ø

Today we are celebrating our first anniversary 🥳 and for this special occasion, we've prepared an amazing treat for you - our four handmade anniversary soaps 🧼 which are available for 72 hours on our Crowdfunding page.

Our premium anniversary soaps are 💯% natural and 🌱 vegan and create zero waste! Like all our products they are also free of colorants, fragrances, parabens, or any other nasties.

We love soap bars but hate the mess they create. So we found a solution to keep your 🧼 soap dry and 🛁 sink clean: our magnetic soap-holders! These little magnetic wonders can be reused and repositioned as many times as you want.

Make sure to grab the exclusive SQIN Ø anniversary soaps now 🛍️
Happy Birthday SQIN Ø

Oh Mama, Flash Deal ahead

Today our friends from OiOiOi are throwing in a massive surprise for you as we reached our goal 🤩

For the next 24 hours ONLY you can get our Natural Connoisseur Goodie package on including all our new products and natural deodorants PLUS a one-month subscription to 👶 OiOiOi Bundles of Joy with a value of up to CHF 119.- for 👉 FREE 👈!

It is now certain that we will launch our facial care line. So be sure to get this package which would normally cost you up to CHF 407, but today, you get up to 4️⃣0️⃣% off, paying only CHF 245. But hurry 🏃, there are only 5 packages available!

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