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Recoat frying pans instead of throwing them away

Verein Gemeinsam Nachhaltig
Verein Gemeinsam Nachhaltig Walterswil, CH

Project Overview

Everyone knows it: Frying pans that stick. Thats why every year we throw away about 1,000,000 frying pans in Switzerland alone! RePan recoats your frying pans. This way we save at least 80% of resources, produce regionally and in a consciously better standard. Quality, fair and even cheaper. For the realization of our company foundation, we need you! Buy a new coated pan or have yours recoated. Let nothing burn!

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    Unser anfängliches und rundes Ziel von 1000 neu beschichteten Pfannen in einem Rutsch ist erreicht! Weitere Testreihen für verschiedene Beschichtungen, Webentwickler und ein bisschen Marketing-Reichweite können finanziert werden, um die Idee weiter voranzutreiben.

We recoat frying pans - qualitatively sustainable and simple.
The problem:
Every year, we throw away about 1,000,000 pans in Switzerland. Yet most of these pans - apart from their non-stick coating - are still completely intact (approx. 87%). Production and raw material recycling require a large amount of fossil energy and lead to correspondingly high emissions. Moreover, both take place mostly in Asia. The extraction of raw materials for the production of pans literally moves mountains and requires tons of chemicals such as acids, alkalis or solvents. However, while our natural resources are shrinking, another mountain is steadily growing: the waste mountain!
Our solution:
A knowledgeable specialist removes the old coating and recoats the pan with a very good three-layer quality in "gastro standard".
Together with the city of Zurich, we sort intact and high-quality pans out of the disposal yards again. These are then cleaned, the handle riveted if necessary, the bottom leveled, the outside freshly painted and - very important! - recoated. Your own frying pan can also be sent in for recoating (see section below). In addition to recoating, we will also repaint the outside of the pan, repair crooked bottoms and tighten loose rivets - if necessary.
Now it's up to you: will you help us recoat your pans or those of your family, friends, apartment or apartment block? Let's break the status quo of the throwaway society!
The coating process of RePan, especially in this quality, tends to be found only in the high price segment or in gastro products, built up in three layers:
1. primer for good hold
2. hardening middle layer
3. non-stick coating with the material PTFE
Is PTFE toxic? Short answer: No
These coatings are described in some sources as harmful to health or even carcinogenic. Such effects are only possible at overheating of more than 300 degrees. From then on, the fluorocarbon molecules decompose and transform into toxic gases. In standard kitchen use below this temperature, many studies show no harmful effects on the body, even with abrasion and direct ingestion of whole PTFE coating pieces. Additionally, our coating is environmentally sustainable (PFOA, APEO, GenX and BPA free).
PTFE is actually an insane material. It was invented in 1938 and is even used in space travel due to its interesting properties. It is especially heat resistant for a plastic, but also bend, acid and generally very chemical resistant. And it is food safe and makes that our food does not stick. - Unfortunately, historically our nature has not been treated very responsibly and production waste has been discharged unhindered into the environment. This is where the movie "Black Waters" comes from as well as the misconception that PFTE itself is toxic. The toxicity comes from the auxiliary materials which today are completely replaced or increasingly disposed of properly. At RePan with production in Switzerland or Germany, this is guaranteed. But to repeat: do not leave the pans empty to heat on the stove, because then you run the risk of over 300°C to destroy the material and release toxic gases. - To also remain transparent.
You can decide whether you want to buy a hand-read recoated pan or have yours recoated (see next chapter). Basically, ordering a "new" pan is a little easier, cheaper, and you won't have a pan fail.
When you buy a RePan, you get standardized and hand-picked quality. Cheap discount pans made of inferior materials even we do not revive and are accordingly not available from us. When selling our pans, we pay attention to the quality of the following criteria: The materials, the pan core, the weight, and the design.
In fact, all you want is a functioning pan that does not harm anyone. We would like to achieve this simplicity for you. For you we organize old pans by the container and check the basic material. This allows us to classify the pans into three categories: Cheap, Standard and Premium.
We don't even tackle cheap pans - it's not worth it. Too light, made of cold-pressed aluminum cheap pans do not have a sustainably satisfactory base material. They distribute heat insufficiently, form hotspots and deform in the dishwasher due to the alkaline environment. You want to cook without hesitation and no Asian cheap pans? Then step up a notch.
A standard quality means for us: Firstly, an existing pan core made of copper, steel or aluminum. This conducts the heat evenly and offers induction. Second, robust cast aluminum or stainless steel. Third, our service package for the exterior paint, loose handles and crooked bottoms. The following brands typically fall under this:
- Migros Titan and Gastro models
- Tefal (the normal grades)
- Cyliss
A premium pan offers more pleasure. The choice of materials has been more considered in the original production and offers more durability and heat distribution. The design is often adopted more elegant and holistic - this is seen with pleasure. Among them fall the well-known brands
- Kuhn Rikon (the noble models)
- Thomas Rosenthal
- KitchenAid
- Sigg
- Noser Inox
- Ikea (partly the basic material is amazingly good)
- Silit
- Le creuset
- Fissler
- Migros Deluxe models
- Tefal (the noble models)
Don't choose the cheapest and newest - choose pleasure that lasts.
We offer to recoat your own pan, pot, raclette oven or anything that needs a non-stick coating. However, this procedure requires some clarifications:
First, if the handle is plastic or wood, it must be unscrewed beforehand and stored until the pan is returned. A pure metal handle is not a problem - anything else would melt in the ovens.
Second, you'll need to find a suitable container in which to ship your pan. Label the package with the sender's and recipient's address.
Third, in order for the shipper to pick up your pan at your home on April 11, you must confirm that the package is at your doorstep. To do this, we will send you an email with a link towards the end of this crowdfungin.
Finally, clean the pan before shipping. It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least remove the pasta sauce =)
Verein Gemeinsam Nachhaltig
Verein Gemeinsam Nachhaltig
Walterswil, CH

RePan is a young, impact-oriented project that promotes the recoating of frying pans.

Behind the young start up is the doer and environmental engineer Dominic Müller, as a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland with the support of, for example, the Federal Office for Innovation Promotion Innosuisse. Together with the passionate, growing and currently volunteer team, public interest and awards could be won for the concept in addition to convincing test series.

RePan was honored with 1st place twice in January. The Circular economy incubator as well as in the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards. We were also interviewed by the WWF's subsidiary OnePlanetLab.

RePan was visionary built as a project within the association Gemeinsam Nachhaltig, which aims to promote the implementation of sustainable circular economy. The vision is not "just" pans, but to make everything from batteries and furniture to entire houses recyclable.

All in all: We are on fire for quality and sustainability - and do our best!

Dominic Müller
Dominic Müller
Schlieren, CH
Founder / Energy- and Environmental technician

As a passionate Rösti cook and young entrepreneur, good pans are needed. Dominic learned to look at resources in large systems and so also the pan in everyone's kitchen. With RePan, what he learned is now being put into action: "The principle of circular economy can be applied to so many things, for the quality of the product, in life and for the environment".

Kevin Keller
Kevin Keller
Zürich, CH

As a passionate climber and skier, environmental sustainability is an important part of my life. As an electrical engineer by training working in the software industry, my systems-based thinking motivates my contributions to RePan. Circular products like RePan are fundamental to transforming our consumption-based system to one that focuses more on regional and sustainable products.

The best Team
The best Team
Zürich, CH
Marketing | Strategy | Procurement | Author | Translator | Legal

RePan is supported by many volunteers: Currently a team of about 14 people ranging from nurses to military engineers to cooks. Three generations work together to make it happen. Without the experience, hands or skills of the team, we would not be where we are. The motivation is there: a more sustainable world.

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