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Organic WebShop "NussFee"

Organic Vegan PlasticFree - Dried Fruits Nuts Superfoods

D'NussFee Glattfelden, CH

Project Overview

The first 100% plastic-free organic online shop for: Nuts, dried fruits, superfoods, gluten-free goods & very special colourful nut-fruit house mixes. And the best thing is - we will also be even cheaper than the "big ones". This is what we conjure up with larger packages from 500g upwards. Now in the Goodie Store at particularly favourable Super-Magic-Crowdfunding prices. Organic for all!

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Free trial bags / "Pimp-my-Muesli" / Final spurt

Another good 2 weeks and we will pack the first packages. Not even 20 more boosters are missing to reach the second stage goal, which would be a wonderful result of crowdfunding for us.

So if you could motivate someone else to get their Christmas nut supplies from us, we would easily reach the goal. If someone places an order on your initiative, we would like to thank you by including trial bags and a little surprise in your package (just write your name or initials in the comment field on Crowdify so we can match it up).

Yesterday we also created a new set (thanks to Evi for the input) - the "Pimp My Muesli" set consisting of a pack each of Bio Physalis, Goji berries, black mulberries and cranberries, ideal for refining muesli & co, as a snack or for your own mixes.
Click here to see the set, if you want to have this too.

We also have some flyers, so if you want to put some up at work or with friends/family, send us a short email to with your address and how many you need.

There were also a few press reports about us:
The economic area of Zurich:

Then the Booster magazine reported about us:


And on Friday we were interviewed by the Unterland Zeitung, the report will probably be published next week.

Our Instagram followers have also grown considerably, as we recently broke the 800 mark. Also thanks to some very nice influencers, who supported us friendly with posts and stories.

Our packaging design is also nearing completion, we are already very excited and you can look forward to a very cool packaging design. Many thanks to our graphic designer Jan!

Update on the store: it is already in the final touches, we have now decided to use a payment provider that offers us almost all common payment methods, including Twint, Postfinance, Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, Google + Apple Pay and many more.

Enjoy the beautiful colorful autumn days

Best regards

Nicolas & Jasmine

PS: So once again a big thank you to the coolest D'NussFee's Booster Crowd: Alena, Katrin, Samara, Adrian, Rafael, Bernhard, Michael, Beat, Meinrad, Martin, Tobias, Bwaaruno, Barbara, Svatava, Monika, Martin, Katalin, Caroline, Antje, Lorenz, Lea, Sabine, Fatima Karin, Nadine, Julia, Daniel, Karin, Nadine, Sonja, Marcel, Christina, Matthias, Monika, Christoph, Martin, Pia from Veganlicious, Mirka, Fabienne, Mirjam, Simone, Benjamin, Manuela, Sabina, Igor, Tina, Nicky, Gabriela, Anna, Nicole, Petra, Thomas, Linda, Sara, Eveline, Jean-Claude, Anja, Joschua, Samantha, Michelle, Sandra, Christina, the Nameless, Merita, Bruno, Jonas, Marcel, Christoph, Eva-Maria, Dani, Karin, Anna, Petra, Angi, Simone, Miriam, Diego, Corinne, Bettina, Andrea, Thomas, Tania von Würzmeister, Vanessa, Anja, Martin, Florian, Dani's, Nick & Tina
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Other news

November 15

Unterland newspaper article / shortly before the finish / Human Animals / GreenPick

. Publish by Initiator.
Dear Booster, The Unterland Zeitung interviewed us and last Friday published a very nice article about us with the tit...
Dear Booster, The Unterland Zeitung interviewed us and last Friday published a very...
first stage completed

first stage completed

. Publish by Initiator.
Dear Booster, again we would like to send big thanks to you, because we reached our first and most important goal ...
Dear Booster, again we would like to send big thanks to you, because we reached o...

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