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Project Overview

Maison Merula is a space that brings together people from all kinds of backgrounds. A space for honest, open exchange and real encounters. Encounters with oneself, with other people and cultures, with art, knowledge and much more. Supported by a non-profit idea: our solidarity-based price system is intended to compensate for social and financial disadvantage and to make the entire programme accessible to everyone.

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Maison Merula

For you…

108 people have already supported us financially and shown us a whole lot of love since the campaign started.

This is making us so happy, we could hug the whole world!

As a thank you, we would like to give something back to our boosters and are therefore planning a special yoga class.

Sunday 2 October 2022 * 17:00-18:30

with Fabienne Marcolin at Yoga Studio Zurich

We start the class with a meditative breathing exercise, then move into a powerful flow and end the class with soothing yin asanas that bring body and mind into a state of complete relaxation.

The class is also perfectly suitable for beginners.

There is also a little surprise gift waiting for you on the mat.

The spots in the studio are unfortunately limited; first come first serve :)... If you're interested, we can also stream the class via Zoom.

Please sign up by sending an email to

We are looking forward to a wonderfully relaxed, soothing evening with you.

We are currently at 73% of our target amount on Crowdify. You have contributed significantly to this. THANK YOU! You give us wings!

In order to reach the remaining 27%, we would be very happy if you could tell the whole world about our project and encourage a few friends and relatives to join us :)...

Happy weekend, dear blackbird family.
We love you all!
For you…
Maison Merula

Hand in hand

Two weeks have passed since we launched our crowdfunding. It's just amazing what has happened in that time! 81 people have already financially supported our vision.

Your support shows us how far you can come when you step hand in hand in the same direction. US - WE - together we can achieve so much!

At the moment, the boosts on Crowdify have stalled a bit, which may have something to do with the fact that everyone in our immediate circle has already boosted.

That's why we have a tiny request or challenge for you today... Can you inspire at least two people to support Maison Merula by Monday :)?

A study says that people are particularly generous on Fridays - so why not ask your colleagues at lunch if anyone would like to support a good cause? Or tonight at the after-work beer? But also use the weekend; maybe you are at a party, meeting family, going hiking with friends etc. - tell everyone about us and share the link to our Crowdify page.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts; your boosts and your messages inspire us, encourage us and give us energy! 31 days to go... Whoop, whoop - we can do it!

your blackbirds
Hand in hand
Maison Merula

Hearts about to burst

Unbelievable - our project has just been boosted to over 60%! What a fantastic start into the new week...

We are over the moon and full of gratitude and believe us: our hearts are beating insanely loud and insanely fast right now.

You are absolutely amazing! ❤️

Of course we would always like to thank all our supporters personally, but many want to stay anonymous and we have no idea where the generous boosts are coming from.

Maybe we can reach you this way: heartfelt thanks for giving us wings, for believing in us and for all the fast heartbeats you are causing us.

Here's to a new, successful week in which we'll continue to do a lot of good to each other.

Your blackbirds
Hearts about to burst
Maison Merula

Oh happy Monday!

Dear supporters

What great news on this Monday morning: only three days after the start of the campaign, we have already raised the first third! Unbelievable... And that's thanks to YOU! Thanks to all of you who have so generously supported us so far.


Now our crowdfunding officially starts into the first week and we hope that from now on word will spread outside our own circle of friends.

Of course you can also contribute to this! Copy the project link into your Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram status or write an email or text message with the link to all your friends and family and tell them about our project.

And since most of you probably have to go back to work today, be sure to tell all your colleagues about it during the lunch break. And your bosses! Together we can still achieve sooo much.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the two anonymous supporters who so generously donated CHF 500 each! We would have loved to thank you personally. Since you wish to remain anonymous, we would like to thank you in this way: You are absolutely fantastic and your support brings a huge smile to our faces. THANK YOU!

In this spirit; have a wonderful start into the new week and tell the world about Maison Merula ;-)...

Happy Monday,
your blackbirds
Oh happy Monday!
Maison Merula

Dream start

We can hardly believe it! Launched yesterday evening - and now already at 20%! What a brilliant start. This gives us courage and shows that our idea is well received. And that so many people are happy to help. We are deeply touched and, to be honest, a little speechless. And that is something we rarely are. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU to everyone who has already supported us so generously! You are wonderful!


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