Lovely Rita

A short animation film

Elena Madrid
Elena Madrid Zürich, CH

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In the animated film LOVELY RITA, a strict and rigid traffic policewoman gets into a hopeless traffic disaster. She finds a way out of it and then encounters her working environment in a relaxed and light-hearted manner. With your support, the actions of this charming traffic police lady are given the appropriate sounds and noises. In addition, the costs for editing the film would be covered.

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Lovely Rita
Lovely Rita
Lovely Rita
Lovely Rita
Lovely Rita
Lovely Rita
LOVELY RITA is a four-minute animated film about the strict meter maid Rita. She is very orderly and loves the overview on her workplace. Therefore she has created a tight, rectangular road network, in which she directs drivers and pedestrians through her geometric world. She guides the traffic in a jagged almost military style.

As more and more cars find their way into her tight net and it threatens to burst, Rita loses control of the traffic. She has to question her previous working style and faces a fundamental decision.

LOVELY RITA tells the story of a stubborn woman who first has to get into a hopeless situation to get rid of her rigid behaviour. Rita takes this difficult situation as an opportunity and from then on encounters her environment in a relaxed, easy-going and light-hearted way. This change of heart suits her very well; it makes her LOVELY.

The production is in its final stages. We still lack the money for the soundtrack and the editing. Here we ask you kindly for a financial support, so that the film can be finished.

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Responsible for the animated film LOVELY RITA is a small, fine team consisting of Elena Madrid, animation film-maker and Lina Geissmann, producer at pret-a-tourner Filmproduktion GmbH, Zurich.

In the middle of a tightly stretched, rectangular road net, the order-loving meter maid Rita stands on her traffic platform. Rita's sense of order is reflected in her majestic posture. With jagged, almost right-angled
arm movements, she gives her traffic instructions to the cars. The cars drive with corresponding discipline. She enjoys the power on the street and has the traffic as welll under control as her traffic trowel.

Gradually, more and more cars drive into Rita's tight and taut net. At first she acts routinely and keeps a cool head. But as the traffic becomes heavier and heavier and the cars ignore both Rita's instructions and her frantic whistling, she loses control. Chaos breaks out. Desperate, Rita tries not only to get the traffic back under control, but also to save the pedestrians, who are panic-stricken and seek refuge far away from the traffic disaster.
And the red net threatens to burst at the seams ...

Will Rita succeed in regaining control of her road network or will she have to give up?
Stress, traffic jams and hectic are current topics. Everyone has experience with them. LOVELY RITA conveys a universal story that takes place every day in many cities on this planet. Thanks to its universal story, its present theme and a streng main character, we are convinced that LOVELY RITA will reach a wide audience.

Certainly not only adults, but also children will feel addressed by Rita's actions and decisions.
- The animated film will be produced by the end of summer 2021
- After that, we will commission the musicians to set the soundtrack.
- The goal is to finish the complete film in November 2021.

lf we manage to raise 5,000 CHF, we will be able to pay for the film editing and sound design.

lf we reach the fundraising goal of 10,000 CHF, the costs for compositing image/sound, for colour correction and for the film prints would also be covered.

Lovely Rita
Elena Madrid
Elena Madrid
Zürich, CH
Animation Filmmaker & Illustrator

I am an animator, illustrator, storyteller as well as creator of distinctive characters. I run the studio fragola design and work with a fine small network of specialists from different fields.

The crowdfunding project LOVELY RITA is a short animated film, and is about the strict, precise meter maid Rita who gets into a hopeless traffic situation. She finds a way out of this traffic chaos by henceforth encountering her surroundings in a calm and relaxed manner. To make this character's change of heart believable, the appropriate sounds and tones are needed. For the financing of the soundtrack and the film editing, we are starting this crowdfunding from 31 May 2021.


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Lovely Rita

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Lovely Rita

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