A documentary about children of addicted parents

Verein Löwenzahnkinder
Verein Löwenzahnkinder Winterthur, CH

Project Overview

Children of addicted parents are stigmatized for life, socially disadvantaged and often stand alone. From birth, they are responsible for the sick parent or both, keep the family together and raise younger siblings. Despite social help with out-of-home placements, foster families, children's homes, etc., these children experience terrible things. Often violence, physical and verbal abuse and rejection are repeated.

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Verein Löwenzahnkinder

January Low

Dear supporters and those who want to become supporters

We are very happy that already 97 boosters support our project! With this, almost half of the first stage (20'000.-) is done and we hope, despite the January low, to reach at least the other half and thus a payment of the first stage until the end of the crowdfunding. Otherwise the money will go back to you, the donors.

But what happens to the film production if only the 1st stage is reached? Is it not worth to donate something, because then the film still cannot be produced?

If the 1st stage is not reached, i.e. without your support, it will indeed be difficult. The costs for the entire production including labor costs amount to about CHF 130,000. Unfortunately, this is too little for a film subsidy from the federal government, a minimum of 150'000.- for external costs applies and requires a co-production for example with SRF.

With the crowdfunding we want to cover all external costs and expenses (stage 1 filming and stage 2 post-production), stage 3-5 would then ensure the DVD/Blu-Ray production, the website for the film and a financial contribution to expenses.

In concrete terms, this means that reaching the 1st stage would make the film production possible in a first step! At the same time, such a promotion of the project by the public, i.e. by you, would enable or favor inquiries to various foundations.

Without support from foundations, the production would be greatly delayed, as commercial projects would have priority in order to make a living. But the film would be realized in any case!

So yes, it is worth supporting the project, even if the target amount might not be reached.

That's why we are glad if you share the project with friends and relatives, because still every little support counts.

Thank you very much and best regards
The project team
Verein Löwenzahnkinder

Motivations and objective

Jasmin talks about why the film project is important to her and what we want to achieve with it.
Verein Löwenzahnkinder

Happy new year!

Dear supporters

A big thank you for all your donations, for the small contributions as well as for the generous ones! Thanks to your help, 34% of the first stage has already been reached.

We wish you a great year 2023 with health, much joy and reason to laugh.

Best regards
Association Löwenzahnkinder


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