Debutalbum Sara Binet

"Ready to take off" - finally recording my own music!

Sara Binet
Sara Binet Birsfelden, CH

Project Overview

After many years of singing and waiting for the right moment, I am finally ready to take off with my own music. Together with wonderful musicians we will record my music in a very good studio to achieve the best possible result that was worth the waiting!

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Sara Binet

First quarter of time elapsed - will it keep snowing?

Dear (soon-to-be?)boosters!
Very fitting to the beautiful white snow outside, it has snowed many encouraging boosts and comments for my project during the first quarter of my time on crowdify - a HUGE thankyou for that! We have almost reached 40% of the sum needed!
Even if a slowing down of the booster-flakes has been crawling in these last days - not a day has gone by without at least one flake! Amazing!

The musicians and I will get together soon and work on the next three pieces for the album... maybe you will get another little foretaste...?

In the meantime, don't hesitate to share, advertise and make some noise for this project, for our music... then maybe soon it will snow some more supporter-flakes thanks to you!

First quarter of time elapsed - will it keep snowing?
Hoping for snow...
Sara Binet

Wow - day one and already 11% of the required amount achieved!

I wish you all a happy New Year! I am overwhelmed - not even 24 hours elapsed and already we have 11% of the required sum! A huge thankyou to the first boosters! I am so happy and thankful!


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Debutalbum Sara Binet

CHF 75

CD and world's best homemade Linzertorte

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Debutalbum Sara Binet

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CD with personal dedication (if wanted)

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Debutalbum Sara Binet

CHF 200

CD, VIP-Tickets to release concert in Basel with aperitif riche

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