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Bombay Botanicals

Plantbase Indian

Marco Grenz
Marco Grenz Zurich, CH

Project Overview

Bombay Botanicals is to inspire people to eat more plant-based food an do something good for yourself and your environment. Bombay Botanicals "plantbased Indian" is a digital food concept called "Ghost Kitchen". Our dishes may only be ordered online for delivery or take away. Our first location is going to be Stripped Pizza Talacker 41 in Zurich.

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10.070 CHF
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Bombay Botanicals
Bombay Botanicals
Bombay Botanicals
Bombay Botanicals
Bombay Botanicals
Bombay Botanicals

Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    10.000 CHF

    100% funded

    We still need the funding of high-end kitchen appliances that we need to provide our partners.

    Amongst others we need a MerryChef High Speed Oven and a "CookIt" from Bosch.

    All those are going to be sourced from WÜST Bäckerei und Gastrobedarf located in Montlingen.

  2. Stage 2:

    11.000 CHF

    7% funded

    We also would love to deliver our food to you in person.
    Here it is necessary that our food arrives on time and hot - even in peak times. Technically it would be possible with a time slot management.

    The order platform is already "in the making".

    The funding of the final programming requires 10,000 CHF.

  3. Finish Stage:

    20.000 CHF

    0% funded

    To make our ghost kitchen work we need to purchase further high end kitchen appliances.

    To make a food delivery work we need to programme a time slot management system to our digital platform.

Bombay Botanicals is to inspire the people to eat more plant-based food and to do something good for themselves and our invronment.

With planted. we found the ideal food partner and managed to develop very tasty vegetarian dishes.

We designed the dishes to make you and the environment feel good.

* We use plant-based and real food
* We quit using deliberately the use of fish and meat
* We source our ingredients mostly local and regional
* We are trying to quit the use of plastics

Bombay Botanicals
Bombay Botanicals
With planted. we found our perfect match.

We need yummy food and this food needs to be REAL.

Please order our food enjoy it and give us some grand feedback.

We are here to deliver.
Bombay Botanicals
Marco Grenz
Marco Grenz
Zurich, CH

At the age of 18 I organised my own events with more than 1000 people.

After uni I moved to London, UK and there I was able to run two very well established pubs/ bars as General Manager.

Back in Germany I opened one restaurant every 7 weeks.

Afterwards I used to run my own restaurants in Stuttgart.

17 years later I sold my last restaurant and moved to Zurich.

In times of increasing energy bills and rising food costs as well as the lack of qualified and fully trained staff we ought to ask ourselves:

How can we be sustainable cook real food and be affordable for the people?

Therefore I would like to develop further business ideas such as

Bombay Botanicals "plantbased Indian".

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Bombay Botanicals

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Bombay Botanicals

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Location Zürich

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