A cup for everyone

A reusable cup - for every visitor at our community centre!

Verein One Happy Family
Verein One Happy Family Bern, CH

Project Overview

The island of Lesbos is right in the middle of the European refugee crisis. Everyone who arrives needs a cup to drink every day. Often this problem is only solved for a short time and disposable dishes are used. With just one small step we can reduce this waste and raise awareness for sustainability. A reusable cup - for every visitor at our community centre!

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Lukas Oppler

The first stage has been completed!

Dear supporters
Since yesterday we have reached the first stage. Especially thanks to a major donation of EUR 1'775, a heartfelt thank you for this generosity and trust in the One Happy Family community project!

Twenty days have already passed since the beginning of our campaign, time to report a little more about the development and the environment of this project:

Since the start of our pilot project for reusable tableware last autumn, an average of 154 reusable cups have been distributed every day to date. But where did we get these figures from and how do we ensure a fair distribution so that certain groups would perhaps not be given preference?

This works thanks to the daily voluntary work of our refugee and international helpers in the "Bank". The visitor registers daily with the "Bank" with his or her official ID and receives a mug with a carabiner on the first visit. By working with the specially (voluntarily) developed bank app, this is checked daily. And this ensures that there is a fair distribution!

In order to offer this ecologically valuable service in the long term, we are dependent on further support. If you think that this project should be successful, we would be happy if you recommend it to your family, friends and acquaintances. Together we will reach the next stage!

With kind regards

One Happy Family Community Centre
Work WITH the people, not FOR them!
The first stage has been completed!


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