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No platform offers more than Crowdify

Do you have an exciting idea or project up your sleeve and are planning a crowdfunding project for it? Then, we may be the right platform for you. No other platform offers the combination of having such a wide reach and so much expertise with so many marketing tools. Reach:  Benefit from the reach of Ron Orp, the largest urban newsletter in Switzerland Marketing tools:  500 free project flyers, advertising material for downloading, special functions and more! Know how: We'll tell you everything you need to know and give you help and advice. Multilingual:  Start your project in German, English and/or French Crowdstore: Coming soon: Sell your crowdfunding goodies through our store Sourcing:  Coming soon: As well as funding, source talents, objects and locations for your project Marketing tools and services You need professional marketing tools to successfully finance your project. No platform in the...