Goodies- that certain something

Goodies- that certain something

Goodies are your reward for the financial support. They should make you want to support your project and often decide whether the boosters are on board. It is therefore worth investing a little more time here and offering the most attractive and creative goodies possible. Examples: unique experiences, personal invitations, homemade gifts, etc. The more exclusive, the better.

Good to know:

  • For each goodie you can set the amount of the availability and also if it should be available for a limited time only
  • A planned delivery time is entered for each goodie. 
  • As the shipping costs vary from country to country, the actual shipping costs can be entered country by country. 
  •  If items of clothing are offered as goodies, the boosters can also immediately select the desired size.
  • You can upload a maximum of 3 pictures per goodie (we recommend at least one)
  • Boosters can also boost without selecting a goodie.
  • Goodies with pictures are automatically transferred to our Crowd-Store.

Special case:
In a charitable project the prices of the goodies don't have to reflect their actual "value". Here you can also work well with "symbolic" goodies, for example with a thank you postcard/email/video message, a mention on the website or a blackboard, a digital picture as a screensaver, a phone call... Be creative!

Even if many boosters support a charitable project without choosing a goodie, we still recommend to offer some at different price points. This is a nice gesture and also gives people a guideline for the amount of their contribution.