The project video - a proven recipe for success

The project video - a proven recipe for success

A personal video not only shows boosters who you are and what your project is about. It also makes your project much more tangible!
In a hectic time like ours, where everything is characterized by speed and efficiency, rarely anyone now takes the time to read a long text. Do not misunderstand this! - Your project description is of course also very important to present your whole project in detail to the boosters. But if you just want to know what it's about and if it's worth supporting your project, you'll also want to find the right information quickly.
From years of crowdfunding experience, we therefore know that the project video is an incredibly important part of your crowdfunding campaign!

What should my project video contain?
First and foremost, your video should be engaging so that people are convinced by you and your project. So think carefully beforehand about what you want to say in your film. Your video should be about 90 seconds and include the following content:

  • - Who are you? Show yourself exactly as you are and don't pretend. Introduce yourself briefly.
  • - What is it about? Present your project and tell what you are going to do.
  • - Why is the project important? Sell your project! Preferably with three good reasons that speak for your project and show why boosters and the world need your project.


  • - Always be authentic!
  • - Do you have different crowds? Then produce three videos in three languages (German, English, French) and work with subtitles. You have the possibility to launch your project in all three languages.

Programs that can help you create videos

Is there anything else I need to consider?
Crowdfunding is based primarily on emotion and should create a desire to support the project. Try to get that across in your video!
When you have finished creating your video, show it to friends and family and get feedback. Once you are 100% satisfied with your project video, upload it to a video portal like Youtube or Vimeo and add the video link to your project on Crowdify.

Sound good?
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