Stretch Goal: Go for more!

Stretch Goal: Go for more!

So you've just gotten off the ground and have already reached your goal amount? Congratulations, your project is funded! But your crowdfunding doesn't have to end there. Take your momentum with you and define a stretch goal: That is, you simply set another (higher) financial goal, which you then communicate to your crowd. In the sense of: Thanks to you, we have reached the target amount. And if we now reach this sum, then we can also realize the following: ...

An example:
You have found enough boosters for your project "golden coffee machine" and they have financed it. Your boosters or donors believe in your project and thanks to them, you have reached your target amount. Now you set a stretch goal and tell all boosters and potential ones that you are super happy and grateful and will now produce the golden coffee machine. What's more, if everyone adds to it now, you'll develop the matching coffee mug to go with it.

You don't get enough support for your Sretch Goal "coffee mug"? Don't worry, your project "golden coffee machine" remains unaffected. You will receive the initial amount you raised even if you don't reach your Stretch Goal.

Sounds good? Then go start your own project!