Create confidence with your project video

Create confidence with your project video

A video really brings a project to life, because nowadays hardly anyone takes the time to read a text.

Projects with project videos are much more successful than those without them.
With a video the project can be experienced and you create an emotional connection to the boosters. In addition, you seem more trustworthy because you are seen as a person and the passion behind the project.

A video should first and foremost be appealing and convince people of you. Think about what you want to say in the film.

A video can be funny, emotional, or educational, but one thing is for sure: authentic!

What belongs in the video?

 Explain the project:

  • What is our project about?
  • What do we want to do/implement/achieve in concrete terms?
  • What do we need the money for?

Show initiators: Boosters support project and YOU

  • Who are we?
  • What are we doing?
  • Why are we doing this? (motivation, passion)

Call to viewers/boosters:

  • Support us!
  • Share the project


  • Reference to goodies
  • short note: if we do not reach the amount, the money goes back / time runs
  • testimonials

Pay attention to what?

  • Good lighting conditions!
    • Daylight usually works great. So go outside or sit down for a window.
  • volume
    • Observe ambient noises and check sound! All the work is free if you don't understand what is being said.
    • An external/separate microphone can help.
  • length
    • 2-3 minutes ideal
    • first 30 seconds decide if the video will be watched again
    • many jump off after approx. 90 seconds -> most important information to the beginning
  • Cell phone video?
    • Attention: Film in landscape format
    • Make sure it's not too blurred.
  • background music
    • carries through the video and can convey mood
    • Attention: Copyright and not too loud (do not drown voices)
  • rhetoric
    • "support", "help", "participate", "awaken idea/project to life" instead of "donate" (except maybe for social projects) -> hero story! With you we can do it
  • ending
    • Thank you!
    • Show project link / platform (Not everyone is watching the video on the project page)