No platform offers more than Crowdify

No platform offers more than Crowdify

Do you have an exciting idea or project up your sleeve and are planning a crowdfunding project for it?
Then, we may be the right platform for you. No other platform offers the combination of having such a wide reach and so much expertise with so many marketing tools.

Reach: Benefit from the reach of Ron Orp, the largest urban newsletter in Switzerland

Marketing tools:
 500 free project flyers, advertising material for downloading, special functions and more!

Know how:
We'll tell you everything you need to know and give you help and advice.

 Start your project in German, English and/or French

Coming soon: Sell your crowdfunding goodies through our store

 Coming soon: As well as funding, source talents, objects and locations for your project

You need professional marketing tools to successfully finance your project. No platform in the world offers you as many possibilities as Crowdify:

Flyers: We will provide you with 500 business-card-sized flyers to promote your project. For free! 

Tiered funding: We also offer funding in phases just in case your project contains several stages. This reduces the risk of you not reaching your target amount and your project failing.
Flexible duration: You decide how long your project runs. From 1 day to 120 days, everything is possible.

Dashboard: You are given your own personal project dashboard. It’s your own control centre from which you can control your crowdfunding activities. 

Simple payment process: As we do without a tedious login for your supporters, providing support is as fast as lightning and uncomplicated.

Project preview: Inform your crowd in advance about your project. Send them the link to your project before its launch and offer them an exclusive peak into the project. That will help you hit the ground running.

Communication plan: Crowdfunding involves communication. We provide you with a great template for your own communication plan.

Press release: We also provide you with a practical template of a press release that you can adapt to your project.

Add crowdfunding to your own site: You can also easily use iFrame to integrate your project into your own website. 

Banner: You will receive a ready-to-go project banner to download for your online promotion.

Facebook/Instagram: We also provide you with suitable advertising media to download for Facebook/Instagram. 

Widgets: Would you like to include information about your crowdfunding project on other websites as well? Our ready-to-go project widget makes this easy as pie.

Cooperation: We have excellent partners who support different types of projects with, for example, extra boosts of up to CHF 1,000, greater reach or other great things. 

Poster: We supply you with two ready-made posters for your project. You can print them out and hang them up all over your neighbourhood.

Personal goodies: Send individuals exclusive goodies with a personal message.

Time-limited goodies: Interested in launching a special campaign to promote your crowdfunding project? We give you the option of making certain goodies available for a limited period of time only.

Clothing goodies: Let your supporters tell you right away what size they need.

We support your project with extensive reach. In addition to numerous marketing tools (see above) that already bring visitors to your project page, your project will also be published on Ron Orp.

Newsletter system: You can use the Crowdify project newsletter system to contact your supporters at any time and inform them about your project progress.

Ron Orp effect 1: Your project is immediately published on Ron Orp. (20,000 visitors daily)

Ron Orp effect 2: You will receive a free newsletter ad worth CHF 150 in the Ron Orp newsletter for your city.

Ron Orp effect 3: Ron Orp publishes weekly reports in the newsletter on a selected project in all German-speaking Ron Orp cities (over 240,000 subscribers). Who knows, maybe your project will be the next one chosen.

Language links: Do your audience live in other markets? No problem, on Crowdify you can run your project simultaneously in German, English and also French.

Crowdstore: Show your goodies for free in the only crowdstore in Switzerland. (Coming soon!)

Our know-how comes from our more than 1,000 successfully financed projects, our cooperation with the HTW Chur and the fact that we (Ron Orp) ourselves once started with nothing.

HTW Chur: We have been carrying out joint research with HTW Chur since 2012 and know what’s really required for successful crowdfunding!

Guide: As the project initiator, we provide you with a free crowdfunding guide packed full of useful tips and tricks.

Project feedback: We take a close look at each project and give you individual feedback to create the ideal conditions for crowdfunding.

Project know-how: We know exactly what you have to pay attention to in order to best present your project and are glad to help you.

E-mail coach: During your campaign, we will also provide you with support with info mails that will help you make your communication even more effective. 

Know-how base: Our know-how base helps you plan your project with many valuable tips, such as how to calculate your target amount.

Red Circle effect: We will tell you what you should pay attention from the very beginning.

Information session: Visit one of our free information sessions and get tips and insights on how to successfully crowdfund today. 

Video: Based on the research findings of HTW Chur, we provide you with information on how your project video can be optimised.

Lower and lower fees: We’re better value for money, even though we offer more than all the other platforms. And the bigger your project, the better value we offer.

Personal contact: You can or call us at any time. We are there for you.

Easy: Project planning is carried out in 12 simple and logical steps. Should you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to help you.

Risk free: If you don’t reach your set amount, all the boosters are refunded. You don’t have anything to pay.

Security: Our payment system is managed by the payment professionals at RaiseNow and the money you collect during the project is securely handled and stored by an external foundation called Fairgive

Sourcing: Not only can you collect money with us, but you can also source anything else you might need. For example: volunteers, material donations or maybe even a new team member?
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