My mentor program for adult adoptees

Zürich, Switzerland


Adopted but happy
As a adoptee we often feel totally misunderstood, we cannot or do not dare to express what we feel...

I support adult adoptees who have the challenge of feeling they are lacking a place in the world.

I help them get their inner value to feel grounded and find a home within. So they can realize, that they are just as capable of making a difference on this planet, as anyone else.

It would be an honor for me to support you to regain your uniqueness and authenticity.

I will give you all the tips and tools that I have learned, to re-connect you into harmony with yourself.

Arrange a free zoom-discovery call with me. You can find it here:

Your life matters to me, because I know what you are feeling. And remember, it's never too late to find a second chance!

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Adopted but happy

Autobiography: My start into a fulfilled life

Catalina Pfranger
Catalina Pfranger Fehraltorf, CH

Project Overview

At the age of 50 years old I understood that I AM the most important person in my life. As an adoptee child, I suffered trauma for years until I listened to my intuition and changed my life. When I unexpectedly "found" my two sisters in Colombia, my life tasks became very clear to me: to write my autobiography in order to pass on my experiences to those who have been adopted, parents and to those who are interested.

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