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Warum der Löwe? Denk mal

we tell the story why the lion came to be! – 1792/2017

Claudia Lengacher
Claudia Lengacher Luzern, CH
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Warum der Löwe? Denk mal
Warum der Löwe? Denk mal
Warum der Löwe? Denk mal
Warum der Löwe? Denk mal
Warum der Löwe? Denk mal

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Amici italofoni
Abbiamo bisogno anche del vostro sostegno! Grazie mille!

The world-famous Lion Monument brings every year about 1.2 million visitors to Lucerne. But who knows about the historical happenings of which the Lion reminds us? During two months we wan to tell this mostly forgotten story out of a new perspective by creating a time travel towards to the Lion Monument.

We came up with a conducted tour of about 90 minutes. Using different modern media this exiting and eventful tour will address each and every of your senses. We can offer several highlights. One of which will be the 5x10 meter big historic picture “Tuileriensturm” from 1889. For over 125 years it’s been rolled up and waiting inside of the Alpineum in Lucerne for its moment to shine. We digitized this monumental diorama and by plotting them onto huge wooden surfaces we will show off sequences of it right within the park and the pool right in front of the Lion Monument.

In order to create these conducted tours as promised we are still in need of a considerable large amount of money. The city of Lucerne gave us permission for the realisation of the project as well as a generous financial support, as did the Albert Köchling foundation. Nevertheless, far from all costs are covered. With your help and every single contribution we can reach our goal! The very best of it is that you won’t go away empty-handed. We will acknowledge your support with presents from signed books about the hometown of the Lion (available in german or english) to private tours followed by a dinner in a revolutionary ambiance.

We are collecting money for different parts of the conducted tours about which we won’t tell you the details… because we don’t wish to goof the surprize!

We are a team of young historians and history lovers. Together with the Büro für Geschichte, Kultur und Zeitgeschehen Dr. phil. Jürg Stadelmann GmbH ( and the graphic artist of meierkolb (, both located in Lucerne, we brought this project into being.

The goal we set is very high. Please help us to achieve it by donating, sharing the project and promoting it to your friends and family – only together we can spectacularly revitalize the history of the Lucerne Lion Monument!

On the website you’ll find more information about our project. We are also actively sharing on Facebook “1792-luzern” and Instagram “1792luzern”.

Thank you for your support!
Claudia Lengacher
Claudia Lengacher
Luzern, CH

We are a team of young historians and history lovers. I've studied business administrations and support our project mainly in the financing and organizing parts. Also I am the person you can contact in case...

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