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Send kids to school

Send girls to school in Guatemala with each shoe order

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Project Overview

You want to be a World Changer? Then help Guatemalan families by getting one of the products here. With each order a child in Guatemala can be send to school. These are unique hand-made shoes. Let's change step by step together the world.

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10.000 CHF
of 10.000 CHF
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CHF 30

Be a Supporter and just donate for the children
If you just want to support the project, you can also just donate the amount, which will be directly used for the children to send them to school.

No longer available

CHF 50

Be a Hero and have a Skype call with the founder
Be a Hero and get a 15-minute personal Skype chat with the project initiator.

No longer available

CHF 79

Be a World Discoverer and get your next World travel advice
I have been to 105 countries and I lived in over 9 (UAE, New Zealand, Malaysia, Guatemala, Mexico, China, USA, Africa and Switzerland).
If you need advice where to travel next, I am happy to have an hour Skype call with you and find out which country best fits you.

No longer available

CHF 200

Be an Influencer and give the CEO your point of view at a private picnic at the Zurich lake
You want to also change the world? You have amazing ideas and don't know how to realize them? Then we can have a private picnic at the lake and talk about ideas how to change the world together.

No longer available

CHF 399

Be Unique and get 2 limited special edition leather shoe for short time
Get these unique and handmade shoes of the limited edition designed especially this year. This is 100 Percent hand-made, high quality shoe which gives you this special summer feeling. With each pair of shoe you help a child in Guatemala. In the price included the shipping costs.

No longer available

CHF 600

Be Creative and Inspired, get an exclusive oil painting from the CEO
Get one of my oil paintings on canvas and have a unique piece at home. These paintings are creative and will inspire you. Or we have a painting session together. :)
You can also let me know your desired motives.

No longer available

CHF 800

Be a Life Saver and donate that a child can go to school for 1 year
Only at 50% of Guatemalan children attend middle school (©2020 UNESCO Institute of Statistics) and even fewer attend high school. High school costs between $800 and $1,200 per year depending on the subjects students study, which is prohibitively expensive. In addition, most high schools are located in cities so rural students do not have access to them. We provided scholarships to children living in rural areas so that they can afford to travel to high school and cover their school costs.

No longer available

CHF 1.000

Be a World Changer and have an exclusive dinner with the CEO in Zurich to tell you about the project, 700 are a donation for the children
An exclusive dinner with the CEO to tell you about the project and how it supports children in Guatemala by sending them to school and university. 300 CHF go towards the dinner costs :) 700 CHF for the children.

No longer available

CHF 10.000

Be a Guatemalan Ambassador and get a guided exclusive week tour in Guatemala with the Spanish speaking CEO
Get a real Guatemala experience and the founder will show you around in Guatemala for 1 week. You will be the Guest of honour, project visit and accompanied week in one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. The founder speaks fluent Spanish and will show you the beauty of Guatemala (Largo Atitlan Project Visit, Coffee Plantage visit, Antigua beautiful old colonial town and if wished the unique Maya Ruin Tikal Visits with explanations about the ancient Mayan world.)
You will receive an invitation to spend a week in Guatemala. We will pay your accommodation. You will be invited to the opening ceremony as our guest of honour and we will show you our work at the Women association at Largo Atitlan. Your name will be listed on the patron panel of the donor wall. You will receive a thank you card and a creative gift made by the kids.
Please note the flight costs are not included in the price.
Be a Guatemala AMBASSADOR and discover this beautiful country yourself. Here some preview :)

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