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Project Overview

Discover our innovation for outdoor coffee: Dissolve 1-2 teaspoons paste in hot water and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee wherever you are. The high concentration gives you up to 25 coffees in one tube. No water available? No problem! Enjoy the caffeine kick with bread, fruit, or chocolate on the go. Look forward to uncomplicated, intense coffee enjoyment outdoors.

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Three days to go!

Dear booster,

Alexander here from no normal coffee. The sun is shining, and spring is approaching. I hope you already have plans to spend the sunny hours outside!

We are in the final stretch of our Crowdify campaign, and we want to thank you all for your support. In the beginning, we didn't know whether our coffee would be popular at all. But now we are sure that no normal coffee is in demand, and many people can hardly wait to try their first coffee during their next adventure.

Of course, we would also like to take this opportunity to motivate you to share our campaign during these final days; Every tube bought by someone in your network means an extra tube for you, for free! (Just mention your name after check-out in the comments)

There are also many goodies, like breathtaking alpine pictures of our friend Mathyas Kurmann, or tickets for our launch party!

100000 thanks for your support, we'll get back to you next week when the campaign is over.

Best regards,

Alexander and Philippe
no normal gmbh

10 days to go, and we need YOU!!

As we approach the final ten days of our campaign, we're reaching out to you, our amazing boosters, to help us cross the finish line triumphantly. We believe in the power of community and collective effort, and your voice can make all the difference.

Here's how you can help:

Spread the word:
• Share our campaign with friends, family, and colleagues on your social media platforms
• Like, Comment on, and share our content.
• Because personal endorsements from supporters like you can help boost our visibility enormously.
• An easy way to do so is to repost our latest reel on Instagram with a personal message.

Share Your Story:
• Let others know why you decided to support our campaign. Your personal story can inspire others to contribute and become part of our growing no normal coffee community.

For every new booster who mentions your name, we will add a free tube of no normal coffee to your order. Just tell the person to add your name as a comment after check-out!

Your support has been the key to our success so far, and now, we humbly ask for your continued support in spreading the word.

All the best from your no normal founders,

Alexander and Philippe

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