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"Fragile Architecture"

Exhibition of Urban Graphic Design from Kyiv in Zurich


Marina Donina
Marina Donina Zurich, CH
Tetiana Kartasheva
Tetiana Kartasheva Zurich, CH

Project Overview

SERIA___ is an urban graphic project inspired by the typical housing blocks in Ukraine. The project was founded in Kyiv by designer Dasha Podoltseva and architect Elena Orap. SERIA____ includes items of collectible design, printed graphics and clothing. While Ukrainian houses are under attack, we want to give Ukrainian designers an opportunity to present their design objects in Switzerland.

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We are designer Dasha Podoltseva and architect Elena Orap, founders of Urban Design Project SERIA___ from Kyiv, Ukraine. We devoted it to the typical housing blocks – panelkas – in which most of us, Ukrainians grew up. Panelkas are part of our identity. They are touched by cultural and historical shifts, which we are experiencing and exploring.

Starting February 24th, 2022, with the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, hundreds of such buildings have been destroyed and thousands damaged. Many of them won’t be restored.

That is one more reason why want to share the beauty of our heritage. On the 30th June, we invite you to the opening of the Exhibition “Fragile Architecture” (curated by Tetiana Kartasheva and Marina Donina) where we present a collection of our design items to the audience in Zurich.

We are lucky to have the support of VN Residency, which provides the venue and hosts our special events. The artworks are packed and ready to be shipped from Kyiv. The great team of volunteers works daily to make it happen. However, we lack funding for transportation, promotion, and some materials for the display. Would you join our team by supporting our project?
At the exhibition SERIA_ will present limited edition screen prints, porcelain and concrete objects.

These particular mass housing buildings were designed in Kyiv. They were mostly built in the 80s and dubbed ‘panelki’ for its prefabricate concrete slabs - panels. They are now omnipresent in Ukraine’s cities. SERIA__ project was originally conceived with an aim to raise awareness of the country’s architectural heritage and to change attitude towards ‘panelki’, which in order would bring a positive change to the actual houses. But since the beginning of the war many of these buildings have been damaged or outright destroyed. We hope to explore the future of the Ukrainian urban landscape and contribute to the discussion of the rebuilding plans for its residential housing.
Marina Donina
Marina Donina
Zurich, CH

We initiated this project to support Ukrainian artists and help local community associate our country not only with the tragic events happening there, but also with some beauty and creativity.

Tetiana Kartasheva
Tetiana Kartasheva
Zurich, CH

We are happy to give a chance to Ukrainian designers from Seria__ to be seen and to initiate a dialog with a local professional community and audience.

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