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Du Bisch Dra!

The first Board game Café in Zürich


Florian Widmer
Florian Widmer Altstetten, CH
Benjamin Kühnis
Benjamin Kühnis
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Florian Widmer

First 20 days

Dear Supporters

The first 20 days are almost over, and we have already collected half of our initial target, that is just plain awesome. We did this because of YOU and you alone. Thank you very much for your support. 1'119.- are still missing to fully be at the half, will we make it today?
What I find even more humbling is not the amount collected but the number of supporters that chipped in, 92 so far. Can we make the 100 full? But there are also many more that support us in other ways, be it by spreading the word, handing out our flyers or sharing our social media messages, we thank you equally for this!

We are working on our Fantasy Basel booth, if you are around come by and say hello, we would love to meet you all in person and maybe play a game or two with you. If everything goes as planned we will also have prototypes of our mugs in Basel, I am super excited about them and Ursi from is doing an amazing job.
But that is not all, we are also planning a special reward for the time of Fantasy Basel it will be available from 01.05 until 05.05. We will reveal more, closer to the event itself.

After Fantasy Basel we have more plans, a board game flea market at FOGO and much more, so stay tuned.

One thing we are asked frequently is, how can you open a café with just 30'000.- and what do you do if you do not reach the set goal of the 30'000.-? Will you just not open?
The fact is, we will open even in the case that we will not reach the 30'000.-, Benjamin and I have already committed our own money into this project and the current setup also helps us to keep the cost as low as possible, so we can start with our own money. These 30'000.- are for the board game collection that we generously got offered from Beat Liechti and for all the shelves to store them in the café.
In the rare case we will not reach our goal, you all will get your money back, but I have the utmost faith in every single one of you that we will make it, together with you, we can make anything possible and therefore I know that we will make it.

I know we have been asking a lot of you so far but if you can and believe in this project or in Benjamin or myself spread the word, even if it is just to one new person, tell them about us and our project and this campaign, share our posts online it makes a huge impact to us and the DuBischDra! That is the amazing thing about crowdfunding here YOU can make a difference and help something new, something different to become a reality and be successful.

Sorry for the super long update, as always if you want to reach out, contact us on Facebook or via email at we love to interact with you and get to know you in person. If you want some flyers to hand out, you can also contact us.

I wish you all a great Wednesday and thank you for being on this journey with us I am very glad you are a part of this.

See you soon :)

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