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Bio für Jede Headquarters

Fertile ground for the carrot revolution!

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Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    14.000 CHF

    100% funded

  2. Stage 2:

    23.000 CHF

    100% funded

  3. Stage 3:

    28.000 CHF

    8% funded

  4. Finish Stage:

    34.000 CHF

    0% funded

Did you know that in Switzerland more than 2 Mio. tons of food are thrown away every year? This shocking number covers the whole range of all edible goods, from raw food to convenience food. In agriculture, 10 to 30 % of the production of all fruits and vegetables will not end up being distributed to supermarkets, because they do not satisfy certain criteria. The association Bio für Jede concentrates its efforts on the rejects of the organic vegetable market. We buy these vegetables from farmers on a value conserving basis and provide everyone with them. This way, we create a new market of the biological side stream vegetables and provoke a change of values in the society.

Until now, the material of the association and the vegetables have been scattered all over the city. . To be more proactive and efficient, we want to gather all our resources in one location. Using this crowdfunding project, we will be able the create our headquarters, consisting of:

- A rolling kitchen: Cooking place for healthy, vegan meals. These are cooked from discarded and saved organic vegetables and organic products (1. Step: 14000 CHF).
- A refrigerated storage facility: The central „Bio für Jede“ vegetable depot for “Bio für Jede” Zürich and „Bio für Jede“ Schweiz (2. Step: 9000 CHF).
- Material and dry storage facility: The storage for our whole infrastructure in one place. This allows our material to be quickly ready for various occasions (3. Step: 5000 CHF).
- Meeting point: Platform for cultural exchange in the form of music and art in a non-commercial form.

Furthermore we want to strengthen our regional groups by supporting the financially (4. Step: 6000 CHF).

With the usage of discarded vegetables, you support organic farmers and help creating a market for side stream vegetables, in which organic goods get a value free of norm. Everyone pays as much as he or she can or want to give, in accordance to our trial of an alternative economy.

Our experience has shown us, that human beings are best reached through the stomach. We want to raise the awareness for our health and environment in this way.

Supporting his project means contributing to a greener, fairer and peacefuller world. We put a seed in the heart of Zurich for a movement which is spreading across the world. With combined forces, we vouch for a sustainable world and change the general framework of our society in a positive manner!
Zürich, CH
Non-profit organisation

The association Bio für Jede mediates a thought-provoking impulse about our society, our everyday consumption behaviour, politics and environment. The positive attitude of the association Bio für Jede sensitizes our avareness through access to discard biological vegetables and eadable goods, information, participation and culture – together and for each other.

Milena und Stephi
Milena und Stephi
Head / Delegation Headquarters
Suzanne Salvi
Suzanne Salvi
Head of the Leading Circle
Nina Schaufelberger
Nina Schaufelberger
Head of the implementation circle « sociocracy »
Niklas Nüesch
Niklas Nüesch
Head of « Public Relations and Events »
Balz Jäggi
Balz Jäggi
Head of « Organisation- and Projectdevelopment »
Coco Bares
Coco Bares
Head of « Administration and Finance »
Sascha Klenke
Sascha Klenke
Head of « Logistics and Cooking »

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An organic meal and drink, a "Bio für Jede" - T-shirt

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