Fair fees

Fair fees

Crowdify helps you turn your ideas into successful projects: as well as lots of know-how and tips and tricks, we also give you access to a big network, and personalised, simple support. As such, we take fair fees in the form of a commission. You only pay if your project is successful and you can enjoy even more advantages:

Bigger projects mean lower fees

Planning an extra-large crowdfunding project? Then you can benefit from progressively lower fees for your project. For target amounts over CHF/EUR 200,000, you pay progressively lower fees:

For a successful target amount of...

... up to CHF 200,000: 9% platform fee / 11% for funding in stages
... up to CHF 300,000: 8% platform fee / 10% for funding in stages
... up to CHF 400,000: 7% platform fee / 9% for funding in stages
... up to CHF 500,000: 6% platform fee / 8% for funding in stages
... over CHF 500,000: 5% platform fee / 7% for funding in stages

Sounds good? Then get started on your project here.

Social projects: no fees and a donation drive

Crowdify supports social commitments. Basically, you won’t pay any platform fees for your social project. Upon successful completion of your project, you’ll only pay the payment providers’ third-party costs (about 3%). 

And since sometimes every extra penny helps, you have the option of starting a donation drive without a target amount. This means that you don’t have to set a target amount for your social project. But be careful, a donation drive takes off the pressure of reaching a specific funding goal, but it also eliminates boosters’ sense of urgency to donate right away.

We’ll gladly help you to set your crowdfunding project up, and you in achieving your project goal. Looking for inspiration? Check out other social projects here.

We are family: lower fees for additional projects

If you’ve already had a successful crowdfunding project with us, you’re basically a member of the family. If you start another project within 16 months, to say thanks, we’ll reduce the flat platform fees by 1%. That means: 8% instead of 9% for a standard crowdfunding project; 10% instead of 11% for funding in stages.

So, are you ready? Start your project with your existing Crowdify account – the discount will be applied automatically.