What The Heart Needs

A short film by Laura Isabelle Schenkel

Laura Isabelle Schenkel
Laura Isabelle Schenkel Berlin, DE

Project Overview

The 20 minute short follows young and inexperienced Joey who meets a depressed and grieving Nick. The two slowly change each other's lives. The big shock comes when they find out that their families also share a connection.

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Laura Isabelle Schenkel

Happy Family

Dear "What the Heart Needs" followers!

First of all, a big thank you to all other supporters who helped the short film with a monetary donation! We are so grateful to you - really!!

It's hard for me (Laura) to put into words how happy I am to work with my crew and cast. I also had a few happy tears in my eyes during the last meeting.

As you can see in the picture, we all have an incredibly great time together.
To be honest, that's not always common in this industry...

We are really looking forward to the shooting, which will take place in September 2023.
Are you as excited as we are? How exciting everything is!

Our crowdfunding is still running for 15 more days. At the moment there is still a little more than 1,500 euros missing. We very much hope that there are still some people out there who think our project is so great that they want to and can support it financially. :)

But first we wish everyone a wonderful evening.

Sunny greetings from Berlin!

Your "What The Heart Needs" team ❤
Happy Family
Picture: Kevin Lauderlein Actor and Actress: Marc Weinmann and Rahel Tzegai Casting and director's assistant - Madlen Meyer Director, Scripwriter and Producer - Laura Isabelle Schenkel
Behind the scenes of the promo photoshoot of "What the Heart Needs".
Laura Isabelle Schenkel

Thank you!! + Our new "JOEY"

Dear WTHN Followers

First of all, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all our previous donors! A few tears of joy have already been shed... You guys are simply the best!

Last week we found out that our previous leading actress, Melika El Hani, unfortunately has to leave the project. We started looking for a new "Joey" and, fortunately, quickly found a great actress:

We would like to give a warm welcome to Rahel Tzegai, who blew Madlen and me away during the casting.

The whole team is looking forward to working with Rahel. Marc and Rahel even know each other from drama school!

We wish you a nice beginning of May filled with lots of sunshine!

Your WTHN team
Thank you!! + Our new
Rahel Tzegai (Foto: Rainer Schirrmeister)


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What The Heart Needs


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