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Skaldenmet - handmade honey wine

Martin Baumann
Martin Baumann Zürich, CH
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"Skaldenmet", in old Norse Odrörir, is the mead of the gods in north mythology, of which is told it has the magic ability to let anyone sing and write poetry! Even if it's just a legend I can guarantee that you at least think you can sing better, well, that's a good start!
I've been brewing natural and quality mead for years and therefore have my own webshop.
Now, I will found a start up company to start my own business.
For the founding of my company and for the material I need starting capital and your help!
I produce handmade honeywine. My mead is produced with fruit juices and fermented longer than commercial meads. I don't use any artificial ingredients and take care to only use high quality honey from species-appropriate husbandry.
Skaldenmet is a premium product. Distribution will be over wine stores, restaurants and my own webshop.
The following mead sorts are produced:
Standard: 9%
Classic: 14%, dry and sweet
Barrique: Classic mead in oak barrels
Selection: Premium mead, every year a different flavour, co-produced with a top-rated chef. Bottle design by an artist.
Honeywine suscription
With your support you will help me to start up my business and you will get mead as a goodie!
Every interested booster is invited to step by for a degustation!
Please find more information (in German) under
Business plan available for interested parties!
Martin Baumann
Martin Baumann
Zürich, CH
Philosopher, Brewer

Name: Lic. phil. Martin Baumann

Ausbildung: Studies in philosophy, linguistics und computer sience, university of Zürich.

Function: Entrepreneur, Brewer

After brewing mead for my frends quite a long time, I would like to expand my business for a bigger audience.

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