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of Roots and Wings

a documentary in Search of Home


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Marielle Wittwer

News since March 2015

If you want to read the latest news about our project - please check out our newsletters on our own website..

thank you! :)
News since March 2015
Marielle Wittwer

Newsletter February 2015

hello hello!
it’s already the 28th again and I send you our latest update!

As you know we started editing our movie in early February. It was a very emotional week for me. It was filled with many great memories that flared-up. The shootings that happend almost one year ago, were totally diverse and while we immersed in the footage we were suddenly back with Frøviks at the Fijord, with Rainer at archery in the park, with Kjersti in the dance studio, with Glayds on the night walk through Berlin, with KaDe on the houseboat, with Nicky in the crowded Mauerpark and with Ellenbergers under the big old linden tree in the Emmental.
Beautiful pictures - they refresh heart and soul after the gray winter weeks. As different the locations were - one thing remained the same. It was always super exciting to be able to delve into the story of our protagonists ..
And that's it what probably gave me a headache in this first week editing. This uncertainty whether we'll make it possible to bring these stories alive on the screen.
But we talked a lot about the film and the individual elements and it has helped me to get a feeling for the film. And so I arrived back in Switzerland with a good feeling. Because even if we haven’t come so far, as I thought we would, I can feel the film. There is life in these pictures and truth in their stories! You'll see! :)

By the way, the last time someone asked who would have made the film music. It was Patrick.
Write us if you have any questions!

In the end of March I'll be back in Berlin for a week. From there you will get the next update.
Marielle & Co.

Of roots and wings – a documentary in search of home

Newsletter February 2015
Marielle Wittwer

Newsletter Januay 2015

A big HELLO to all of you!
I hope you are well and had a good start in 2015!

Ourselves – the crew of ‚roots and wings’ - had a short time in hibernation when it comes to our film project. But now the money was transferred and we can start! :)

As promised, I will send you a newsletter every month. So you would always know what is going on.
Normally you would get it on the 28th of each month. But this month I didn’t have time for the the translation.. ☹ But you know what - now you are the lucky ones who get two newsletter in february! ;)
And on top of all, you catch me on the airport- cause yes, while I’m writing this English version I’m sitting on the airport of Zurich waiting for the plane to Berlin!
Yes! Tomorrow we will start editing the movie! Wohoo! We are so excited and are looking forward to it - finally we can do, what we were hoping for a long time!

And you're right there with us!
I'll definitely send you some pics and samples of our first week editing!
A second goal of the week it is to define and plan the next milestones of our post-production.
Still our goal is to be done in fall 2015. will know more on the 28th of February – cause then the next newsletter we’ll be send to you- and not later that time..! ☺

So long!
0041 79 794 03 33

Of roots and wings – a documentary in search of home

Newsletter Januay 2015
Marielle Wittwer


Dear friends, family and supporters!

I still remember the 10th of September..the morning when we started the crowdfunding ..
I felt sick because I was so nervous!
I couldn’t imagine how we would manage to get this huge amount of money.

Today the 100 days are over! And we've collected over 108%!
I had tears in my eyes as I was watching the last few seconds of the 100days..! What a great honor and encouragement that you support us!
At the same time it is also a responsibility for us! You have expressed your trust and we will do our best to make an inspiring film.

In order to keep you updated where we’re at, I'll send you a monthly newsletter.

The next big milestone for us as crew is the first week in February. I will be going to Berlin and we begin to edit the long version of the documentary. Until then, I'm off to transcribe the footage and to prepare a first draft of a concept to work with.
We are thrilled and excited!
And you - you’re in the front row and will get news and the chance to sneak peek!

But first we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
x Marielle Wittwer

ps: The picture gives an overview of the countries in which our trailer has been watched. In over 55 nations.
Marielle Wittwer

Greetings from Berlin!

As promised, I am sending you a photo from Berlin.
Thomas, Stella and I have begun to celebrate! :)
But there are many milestones ahead of us and we're looking forward to share and celebrate them with you!
T + S + M
Greetings from Berlin!
Marielle Wittwer

100% - the starting signal!!!

Hello my friends!

I don’t know if you've noticed it already..
..but we have GOOD NEWS!
We have reached the 15’000 CHF! A HUNDRED PERCENT!
We are completely overwhelmed, how many generous people have boosted us, and thereby encouraged and motivated us tremendously!
So thie means: the starting signal went off - cause this 100% mean that the boosted money will be referred to us in the end of December and that our project can be financed!
Thank you sooo much for YOUR help!

We only needed two-thirds of the 100 days to collect the money. That means the crowdfunding is still on for the coming 32 days.
And there are already some who have used that!! great!
Cause of course we do not 'just' the need 15'000 CHF. Every Franken helps us on the way to finish the Film.
With the 15'000 CHF all previous costs are covered and it gives us a starting capital to beginn editing the long version of the documentary.
Not even mentioned color correction, film music, mix, animations and marketing.. :)

Whoever reads these lines and would also like to be a part of the project can - because the film will come true and there are still enough deals to choose from!

I'm on my way to Berlin to celebrate with Stella and Thomas!
I'll send you a picture of it! :)

greetings from the airport!
Marielle Wittwer
100% - the starting signal!!!
Marielle Wittwer


For most of us is at the end of the money still so much month left.
In our crowdfunding project it is the other way around:
At the end of the money still so many days left. :D

Wow! We reached over 94% of the amount!!!
We are overwhelmed!!! You’ve surprised us tremendously and impressed us with your generosity. Thank you!
Although there are only 5.9% open, everybody still has the chance to become a part of it. That means we’re still very happy about each supporter .. :)

Love !!!
m & t & s
Marielle Wittwer


Hello you champions!

I have three good news!

1st) 50 days of our crowdfunding are over!
2nd) 50 days of our crowdfunding are yet to come!
and 3rd) We've almost reached 60% of the total amount !!!

These are the best prerequisites to reach our goal! :)
I'm curious as to when and how!

Marielle Wittwer


Just when we were happy about the 33% - we raced over the 50% mark!
Wow! This is definitely called Turbo Booster! :)
You champions! You partners! You are the ones who have made that happen so far and we are speechless and deeply grateful!

In all these countries people have been seen our trailer:
Switzerland, Germany, Norway, United States, France, Spain, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Israel, Nepal, Egypt, Russia, Greece, China, Hong Kong SAR China, Tanzania, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Turkey, Australia, Chile, Finland, Estonia, Portugal, Dominica, Myanmar, Uruguay, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, South Africa, Mexico, Denmark, Japan, Costa Rica

Isn’t that impressive !?
We think so ! :)

with Love!
Marielle Wittwer


Yeahy! We are dancing with the crowd who is making this project possible! Today we reached a third of the amount!
So we dance and dance and dance..!

A THIRD of the 100days and a THIRD of the amount.
All because of you!
A heartfelt thank you to YOU!
♡ marielle, thomas und stella
Marielle Wittwer

Little strokes fell big oaks

Three weeks have passed and already 32 supporters became part of the film project „of roots and wings".
In over 42 countries the trailer has been watched 987 times.
And with the next 212 Swiss Francs, we will soon reach one third of the total amount.
What a joy! :)

I'm always happy to get feedback of what the trailer has inspired you to.
So my godmother eg. detected a whole list of questions for herself.
I have copied them for you as an inspiration.

»Where are the roots of a person, under what conditions can they grow, what soil provides support?
What drives people to move, to travel, to get to know other cultures? What hinders us to fly and what brings wind beneath our wings?
Is home a place or a feeling? What’s the difference between dreams, wishes and reality? What is random and what is desired or planned?
What do these questions have to do with happiness or freedom? Do we need more philosophy?«

How did the trailer inspire you?
I hope that one day we would have the opportunity to discuss what the trailer and the theme triggers in you.
(maybe we already I wrote earlier, I only know in 79 days who gets this newsletter .. :)

all the best!
Marielle Wittwer

What a start!

Hello dear all!
This salutation is perhaps a little surprising, since I do not know who has subscribed to the newsletter yet..(I’ll know after the 100days..)
But that you receive these lines as a newsletter are reason enough for me!
I am deeply grateful and overwhelmed about the many positive reactions and especially your financial boost! What an encouragement!

..I was so nervous when we started the Crowdfuning and couldn’t hardly eat all day ..but now I'm very happy cause I realized that people are touched by the trailer!


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