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Knowledge is Power

Building a childcare centre in the township Zwelihle

Osanalerona Niederweningen, CH
Tabea Pusceddu
Tabea Pusceddu

Project Overview

We want to give children and teenagers in South Africa a brighter future by offering them meaningful leisure activities and teaching them computer skills. In addition, our Computer Lab gives them access to the Internet and thus to valuable knowledge.

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Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
Beautiful holiday houses on one side, run down shacks of the townships on the other. Nowhere else is social inequality more visible than in South Africa.

Children growing up in a township have hardly any perspective to break out of poverty. Public schools often struggle with overcrowded classes, inadequate infrastructure, and a lack of qualified teachers.

As a result, education is often poor, and the children lack the necessary English and computer skills to be able to attend a further education school or university.
We want to change this and have therefore built a childcare centre in a township, where the children are kept busy every afternoon after school. In addition to games and dance, they are helped with their homework and taught valuable computer skills – in English, of course. There are many single moms who have to work until evening. With our program we keep the children off the streets, where there would be a high chance that they get in contact with drugs and violence.

This is only possible thanks to a very committed South African family and volunteers who do their best for the children every day. Our association is in close contact with locals and therefore we always know what is going on and where we can help best. This year, despite Corona, we have achieved a lot and realized a considerable part of the construction project.
We are starting the crowdfunding campaign because there is still a lot to do. In order to be able to complete the construction and to train the teachers, we need your support. The money will be used for the following:

- Interior equipment (tile floor, toilet, running water, electricity).
- Training for the caregivers (child care and ICDL certification)
- Food for the children
- IT hardware, paper, pens etc.
Our childcare concept should not remain in just one township. Our vision is to roll out in other townships after a successful start-up. We hope that when the children are grown up and successful, they will support the project so that it can continue to grow and bear fruit.
Niederweningen, CH

We are a new association from Switzerland that supports children and teenagers in South Africa. We are building a childcare centre in the township of Zwelihle to give children and teenagers a better future through meaningful leisure activities, computer courses and access to the internet.

Tabea Pusceddu
Tabea Pusceddu
Bremgarten, CH
President Osanalerona

I was in South Africa in February and thanks to donations from family and friends I started building a childcare centre in Zwelihle Township. Back in Switzerland, I founded the Osanalerona association and would like to push the project forward together with the other members.

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