Stage funding, exclusive to Crowdify

Stage funding, exclusive to Crowdify

It is not always easy to decide on a target amount.
Maybe 10'000 CHF would be enough to launch the project, but with 15'000 CHF you could make additional investments. In such cases, a stage funding might be a good choice.

Stage funding explained using an example:

Johanna wants to open her own café. She has already found a suitable location. She needs CHF 20,000 to rent it for half a year and buy the minimal furnishings she needs. But for another CHF 6,000 she could also set up a great outdoor seating area. And for a further CHF 3,000, a super cosy reading corner.
But CHF 29,000 is quite a lot of money and she doesn't know if that many people are interested in her project and will support it. Instead of risking everything (Remember: Crowdfunding = all-or-nothing principle), she decides on a stage funding. 

She sets the first stage (the first crowdfunding target) to CHF 20,000, the second stage (the second crowdfunding target) to CHF 26,000 and the third and last stage (the final crowdfunding target) to CHF 29,000.

This way her crowd can decide whether they want the outside seating area and the reading corner as well.


If she has collected CHF 22,000 by the end of the crowdfunding duration, CHF 2,000 will be returned to the donors. However, she still receives CHF 20,000 (1st stage) (minus platform fee), although her final goal would actually have been CHF 29,000.
But if she reaches her final goal (or even more), the whole amount will of course go to her.

An example of what this could look like can be found here.