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Stahlwerk CD production

We're going to record our second album.

Dominic Stahl
Dominic Stahl Basel, CH

Project Overview

This summer Stahlwerk is recording its second album with original music. For the studio session and many other things we need your support!

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Dominic Stahl

We made it!

Thank you so much! You brought us 4000.- closer to our second album, we can't wait!!! :)

We're in Toggenburg this week, rehearsing our new material. Stay tuned on social media, there's things to see and hear... ;)

In September we'll record all that and as soon as the album is finished you'll get mail from us!

See you soon!
Dominic, Francesco & Tobi
We made it!
Dominic Stahl

Final spurt!

We reached 3/4! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)
We have 10 days left to reach our goal. Do you know someone that could be interested? Together we'll get to 100%!
Tired but happy,
Dominic, Francesco & Tobi
Final spurt!
Dominic Stahl

40% reached!

Thank you! We've reached 40% of our goal thanks to your generosity and we're already looking forward to sending out the CDs and to you cashing in your goodies!

There are still 60% left to go and we're busily working on it. If you want to lend us a hand with that: maybe you know some music fans who could be interested in our project and that you could point this way? The big challenge with a campaign like this is reaching people and any help with that is extremely helpful and highly appreciated!

Yours truly, overflowing with gratitude
Francesco, Dominic, Tobi
40% reached!

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