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Carbon Queen - Ecogrill

Grill - and make your own terra preta


Lukas Bühler
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Carbon Queen Grill
The Carbon Queen Grill is a Micro Gasifier that transforms wood to gas and charcoal. The gas produced (H2, CnHm, CO) is mixed with air to achieve a total and proper burning (CO2 and H2O). The mix of Biochar with compost provides ideal nutrients for plants. Furthermore, the nutrients remain in the soil instead of being flushed out by water.

Carbon Queen Crowd funding: why do we need your money?

For our launch on 10.05.2014 we were able to produce the first, small series of the uniquely designed and high quality Carbon Queen Grill. The grills can be ordered for 980CHF in varnished black- or grey-, unvarnished-, or polished stainless steel (1200CHF).

Now that we have successfully built our prototypes, we are fundraising in order to produce the next series of Carbon Queen Grills. If funded at the level of 12,000 CHF, we will be able to finance the next series of grills. If funded at the level of 36,000 CHF we will be able to finance the next series AS WELL AS build up the concept for developing countries. If funded at the level of 96,000 CHF, we will be able to finance the next series, as well as build AND implement the concept for developing countries

Your help will allow us to stand on our own two feet financially – then with big steps – turn our vision into reality and help those who need it most! Every cent counts, and no donation is too small – give what you have!

Advantages of the Carbon Queen Grill
• Because it burns the gas produced by the wood rather than the wood itself, the energy can be used more efficiently and the grill is smoke free.
• The grill’s heat can be regulated with the air controller.
• The biochar allows for nutrients and humidity to be stored in the soil, which in turn is funnelled into the plant roots by microorganisms. This leads to a substantial increase in harvests.
• The atmospheric CO2 used by plants is stabilised in biochar for centuries and stored in the soil. Hence with each grilling you are doing your part to stave off climate change.

Vision Carbon Queen – From waste to value
Our aim is not only to sell the uniquely designed, high quality Carbon Queen Grills in Switzerland. We also hope to support small-scale farmers in developing countries through the implementation of a biochar system that enhances nutrient deficient soils. We intend to finance that vision via local sales of the grill as well as through other support (such as crowd funding). We are working on a concept of closed nutrient cycles, resulting in the most efficient implementation in agriculture and gardening. The central idea is to use “waste” to produce new, valuable, raw material. Composting, biochar and maggot breeding play key factors in our system: From waste to value. With the Carbon Queen Grill you can get to know the first puzzle piece and enjoy it in your own garden. To learn more about our activities, check out our website or follow us on Twitter @ _Carbon_Queen!
Lukas Bühler
Lukas Bühler
Zürich, CH
Environmental scientist

Lukas Bühler has a background in environmental/agricultural studies with a focus on soil and water problems. He is the founder of Carbon Queen, a company that produces and sells ecogrills. These microgasifiers turn wood into biochar. The thermal energy can be used for grilling food while the biochar is one of the main ingredients of terra preta, an ecological soil-enhancer for better harvests. The main advantages of the Carbon Queen Grill are CO2 sequestration and storage, soil enhancement and nutrient recycling as well as efficient use of firewood and its clean burning. In the long term, my team and I would like to spread this technology to tropical countries with nutrient-depleted soils.

Andreas Elmer
Scientist Red Cross Switzerland
Angela Deardorff
Environmental scientist
Serge Braun

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