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Debut album Mileway

Refreshing Pop-Punk. Serving Recommendation: on the rocks!

Mileway Schübelbach, CH

Project Overview

Young, fresh, dynamic. The 4 members with a rehearsal room in Schübelbach, a village with about 3 people and 300 cows in the heart of Switzerland, are musicians through and through. For more than a decade now have they been making their own mixture of raw Punk and bright pop. And now is finally the time where they come out of their barns to show the world that Swiss musicians can do more than just yodelling.

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CHF 10

Eternal Gratitude
As the german saying goes, "everything has an end, only the sausage has two". Our gratitude will be exempted from that.

No longer available

CHF 15

Personal Greeting Card
Designed with love, a personal greeting card directly from our rehearsal room.

Planned delivery date

August 2021

No longer available

CHF 60

Special offer - Guitar lesson with Jesse
He does a lot for money, even a guitar lesson. Book him now, for only CHF 60.- per hour. He will lead you to the next level, for sure!

No longer available

CHF 69

Ticket for the release show + a signed CD
Date and Location have yet to be defined, but we're aiming for Autumn 2021.
Should you not be able to attend the show, it will be sent to you by mail.

No longer available

CHF 100

Get a custom- and hand-made Bandshirt + a signed copy of our new CD

No longer available

CHF 120

Guitar Lessons with Jesse
He's doing almost anything for money, even a guitar lesson. Learn your favourite song, play a Jazz Standard or shred what you can. Jesse knows the guitar like a pro and would love to show you how to rock yours!

No longer available

CHF 200

Sightseeing of our Rehearsal Room incl. Dinner
Come to us in Schübelbach SZ and we'll show you our legendary bandroom. We will cook an incredible meal (Jesse will be our chef). Disclaimer: Don't drink and drive. Ramon makes a kick-ass Caipirinha, public transport is thus recommended.
Max. 2 people.

No longer available

CHF 250

Choose a Cover Song
Choose a cheesy pop-song from your childhood and we'll play a cover of it at the release show!

No longer available

CHF 300

Song request
Pick a song and we will play/cover it for you at our release show. Of course your ticket for the release show will be for free.

Planned delivery date

October 2021

No longer available

CHF 420

Rehearsal Room Concert with Caipirinha
We're inviting you and your friends (max. 5 people) to our rehearsal room in Schübelbach SZ and will give you an exclusive peek at our upcoming songs.

No longer available

CHF 1.000

Private Concert
You're planning a birthday party, a BBQ or anything else related to having fun? We have a setup for everything to offer you and your guests an unforgettable night.
Switzerland only, other countries according to an arrangement (please get in touch with us if you're interested!)

No longer available



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