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Maison Merula

CHF 30

Recharge  *  Yoga Nidra

Give yourself or someone else the gift of a guided deep relaxation session, which we will send you as an audio file. Come to rest and recharge - when, where and how often you want.


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December 2022

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unlimited availability

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Maison Merula

* room to bloom *

Maison Merula
Maison Merula Zürich, CH

Project Overview

Maison Merula is a space that brings together people from all kinds of backgrounds. A space for honest, open exchange and real encounters. Encounters with oneself, with other people and cultures, with art, knowledge and much more. Supported by a non-profit idea: our solidarity-based price system is intended to compensate for social and financial disadvantage and to make the entire programme accessible to everyone.

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