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The Mobile Dental Clinic

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Your name on the Wall of Smiles

Yeah, thank you so much! We want to honor your social contribution by painting your name onto our "Wall of Smiles" the wall of our mobile dental clinic.


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The Mobile Dental Clinic

Humanitarian Mission at the Border of Syria

Stiftung NOIVA
Stiftung NOIVA Winterthur, CH

Project Overview

The Mobile Dental Clinic is a humanitarian project, founded by the Swiss Airline Pilot Andreas Herzog and hosted by the Swiss non-profit organisation NOIVA. The clinic is medically operated by the Jordanian Dentist Dr. Gaith al Sarhan. Together with his team, he treats people in need so that they can eat and sleep again without pain. After a successful test phase, we need your help to start our regular operation. Be part of our mission!

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