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Caravan Feliz

EUR 250

Be CREATIVE - with I sqm of the bus that belongs to you

Yes, that's RIGHT. We have about 10 square meters space on the bus that can be used for creative purposes. With your support, you decide which theme or key message we should artistically implement on your 1 square meter. So everyone can see the message that is most important to you!


Planned delivery date

January 2020

Ship to

World Wide

Goodie limitation

9x available

This offer is part of this crowdfunding project:

Caravan Feliz

Changing the children´s and parent´s world


Project Overview

Caravan FELIZ is a humanitarian project for children and their families living and working on a public dump near Tegucigalpa in Honduras. Since 2017 Casa Girasol provides food for the people there and has even successfully crowdfunded 400 rainboots. Now it is time to enhance their lives with our bus project CARAVAN FELIZ. Enabling them a better future for kids and families! - BE part of our mission!

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