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Lunch and Career AO

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Targeted financing of school supplies for one-two-three school years

Everything costs, the cost of living for one person is around 18,000 per month. Angolan kwanzas are estimated. The average wage is around 40,000. Many couples who work full time can hardly afford all the expenses of a person living in poverty. Imagine only one parent working with one or more children? Books, school uniform, etc. are added to the basic needs. You can change that in a year or two or three years and save one or more poor children from worrying about notebooks and pens.


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Lunch and Career AO

Quench Hunger and Fight Poverty

Verein Africa For Africa Swiss Angola
Verein Africa For Africa Swiss Angola Basel, CH
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Project Overview

We help people for less hungry, keep people busy during the day, arrange vocational training for schools, pay crash courses with the aim of pulling these young people out of the loop of abject poverty. We act selectively and sustainably. We focus on reports from those affected and orientate ourselves in their social space. Our help is unbureaucratic and can be very spontaneous. Poor young families will also benefit from lunch.

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