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From India to Ethiopia

Support Tagese Tagele's entprepreneurship training in India

Reto Meili
Reto Meili Schonenberg, CH
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"The Business Machine" is a non-profit association seated in Bern. Its aim is to find alternatives to development aid and to create joint partnership for small business with social impact between Ethiopia and Europe. One of our main projects is "Ethiopia from Inside" ( our social tourism project in Ethiopia that opens doors to discover, learn and participate.
We want to support Tagese Tagele, on of our local coordinators in Ethiopia, to get a one month business training in India ( This training will help him to acquire new knowledge and skills in order to coach people in Ethiopia to develop their own business and become more independent.
Tagese will use his new competences to bring forward our initiative (

The training and the travel costs are assured through a grant given by the Indian government. However, Tagese needs your help to cover his daily expenses in India and to support his family in Ethiopia which will suffer from the absence of his salary during one month.
If you want to know more about what Tagese is doing right now, follow his blog at
Reto Meili
Reto Meili
Schonenberg, CH
Member of the board

I'm a member of the association's board. My background is development cooperation with a focus on sustainable tourism. I have been living and working in different projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, Namibia, India, and Switzerland. Tourism as a profession combines perfectly with my passion for travelling, diving, hiking, and photography.

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