Photo shoot

Deutschlandweit, Deutschland

For the cover design of my book I am looking for a sensitive camera lover with appropriate equipment, who knows how to transform the childlike delight of a newly hatched "love chick" on the swing into an expressive picture. Are you interested in a creative and humorous photo shoot?

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A WONDERful Story

From a scaredy-cat to a love-chick

Anke Rensch
Anke Rensch Gaiberg, DE

Project Overview

"From scaredy-cat to love-chick" is the story of a teacher who left the state school system in order to teach what REALLY matters. It's the story of a wounded child who kept hold of its faith in a fulfilling relationship and sexuality until that dream came true. It is the story of a woman who decided to follow the call of her inner voice and thus experienced miracle after miracle.

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