TREE GUM - Sales Force

Siebnen, Switzerland


If you do not have a POS but you want to help us to find and sell to some POS in your area, then let us know. We are looking for local sales agents to aquire customers and to grow our consumer base in all areas and geographies.

We will need a good, large and flexible sales force. Do you want to work for us?

This offer is part of this crowdfunding project:


CHEW ME & PLANT A TREE - natural Swiss chewing gum

TREE GUM powered by Haddock AG
TREE GUM powered by Haddock AG Siebnen, CH

Project Overview

Conventional chewing gum uses plastic as the chewing base. This is why the chewing and swallowing of "normal" chewing gum is bad for the human body, and by spitting it out, bad for the environment. We want to change that and launch a tasty chewing gum with a natural chewing base made from the chicle tree. And that is not enough: For every sold multipack we will have a tree planted - so: CHEW ME & PLANT A TREE

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